Business GrowthSales and Marketing Ready For Your Closeup? Why Professional Photography Is a Must for Your Fitness Business

Ready For Your Closeup? Why Professional Photography Is a Must for Your Fitness Business

Starting your fitness business can be overwhelming, but remember to take things one step at a time. One of the most important first steps you can take to advertise your brand and reach potential clients is to hire a professional photographer. You may think that taking your own selfies and having a friend take a few snapshots will be sufficient, but investing in a professional photographer will pay for itself over time. Here are just a few reasons a professional photographer is a key move.


With professional photos, you come across as serious about the services you are providing. Your photo is literally the face of your business so you want to make a good first impression…it is the first thing that people notice. Your pictures will show your personality, represent your business, and build a personal connection between you and your potential clients.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and quality photographs can do so much for your business. Photos are used to advertise your brand, not only on your social channels and website but also on third-party sites. Every time you appear at an event, guest-blog for another business, or contribute to a program, they’ll need a photo for promotions, so why not have a good set of options on hand? They’ll be used for years of advertising, which provides a big return on your investment.

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It’s a digital world, and we’re training in it! Content is essential to running a fitness business and publishing on social media, YouTube, and blog platforms is not only time-consuming but asset-consuming too. You can never have too much photo and video footage, and having a decent library of photos will help you in your efforts to diversify and repurpose your publishing. Quality content will help sell services and attract clients to your products and training services through your various platforms.

Now that you know the benefits of using a professional photographer, let’s discuss the specifics of hiring one and planning a shoot.

If budget is a concern, there are a few ways you can cut costs. The first way I try is by bartering my training services to get a professional photographer. Find a similarly-established local photographer who could benefit from a trade and social media engagement, and ask if they would consider trading a photoshoot for a personal training plan. An even trade is idea, but a small cash exchange is still a good deal. It is a win-win for both parties.

You can also hire a student photographer from a nearby school. Reach out to a photography teacher in the school, and they’ll be able to lead you to a few students that may be good candidates for the job. Take a look at their photos and talk with them about the pictures you would like to have. Be sure to show them examples of the types of photos you would like them to take for you. Hiring a student can result in good pictures at a great price!

Once you’ve secured a photographer, you need to think of what key shots you will need.

Rather than rely on the photographer to come up with poses and styles, do some research and find some examples. Think about where you want to publish the shots too, since you might need portrait orientation for some items, and landscape for others. Make a list of any shots you will need for your website or social media and business. Some poses to include are:

  1. Action shots, demonstrating an exercise, teaching a class, training a client.
  2. Indoor shots in a gym.
  3. Outdoor shots in regular clothes.
  4. Headshots for promotions, events, and profile photos.
  5. Different poses for social media or website.
  6. A hero shot that represent your brand and services and can be used as a header on your social channels and on your website.

A few other tips include taking pictures in different outfits so take along several outfits to your photo shoot. Also remember that solid, bright colours look best on camera, and to avoid brand logos on your clothes if you can help it (unless it’s your own brand!). Also be ready for some spontaneous photo opportunities that may present themselves. These can be some of the best pictures that show your authentic self. 

Investing in an affordable professional photographer will not only brand your fitness business but will personalize it as well. Bit the bullet and hire a photographer…you will not regret it.

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