How Trainerize Helps Anytime Fitness Live Up To Its Name

Anytime Fitness’s mandate matches pretty perfectly with our own. At Trainerize, we’re all about improving access to fitness. Similarly, at Anytime Fitness, members get 24/7 access to over 4,000 worldwide gyms—plus personal training, group fitness, and a positive community. Sound familiar? We thought so too. That’s why we were delighted to chat with Andy Smith, the personal training program manager at three Anytime Fitness locations in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “We’ve got nine training staff between the three locations, and all three locations use Trainerize,” Andy tells us.

“Our customers expect trackable, accessible results, and we need to deliver.”

For Andy, adding fitness tech (his choice tech being Trainerize!) into the club experience is essential. “We provide specialized programming and personal training. We’re past the point of choosing to not provide integrated fitness technology.” Amazingly, Andy’s been using Trainerize since way back in 2014! As a result, it’s tough for him to separate his personal training programs from the app. For him, Trainerize is built into the program and has been supporting program growth for five years.

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Why Trainerize?

Tech is a must-have for clients

Anytime Fitness is working hard to fold technology into their club experience, says Andy. For him and his team, offering an online component of personal training isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have for Anytime Fitness trainers and clients. “Our customers expect trackable, accessible results, and we need to deliver,” he says. “Trainerize is the best option for us. It allows us to build complete, flexible, usable workout plans and deliver them seamlessly to our clients.” Plus, it cuts back on management time! “I’ve worked at gyms before that don’t use Trainerize. The paperwork was so time-consuming,” he laughs.

Provides variation of training offerings

In Andy’s programs, there are a bunch of different training styles. This include In-person, hybrid, and group training, and his Anytime Fitness branches use Trainerize for two out of three. Going forward, he sees fitness tech playing a key role in the growth of the program. “We mainly use the app for in-person training right now. However, we plan to expand our online training offerings in the near future,” says Andy. “We use the Master Libraries feature the most of any, and it’s made a big impact on our training efficiency.” Master Libraries are especially helpful for scaling online training. They allow Andy’s trainers to support each other with shared plans.

Hold clients accountable

Before Trainerize, Andy faced a few pain-points with personal training programs. One pain-point was lacking off-hours programming. Andy needed a tool to provide training for clients when they’re not in session. “I found Trainerize through a combination of research and recommendations from contacts,” says Andy. His team needed engagement strategies to keep clients working towards their goals. Five years later, Trainerize does the job. “Trainerize was the best option to get complete, flexible, usable workout plans straight to our clients.”

Moving forward

For large-scale fitness clubs like Anytime Fitness, technology is key in continuing to run a successful personal training program. By using Trainerize, Andy’s team can encourage customer engagement, provide deeper accountability, and increase their services offerings. And for Andy, there’s always more to look forward to—he’s got a fourth Minneapolis location opening soon! Just another opportunity to increase fitness accessibility for clients.

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