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The Know, Like, and Trust Factor (and How to Add it to Your Business)

You could be the best fitness professional in your town. You could know your niche inside and out, and create programs that get phenomenal results. But, if you don’t have a community that supports you (whether it be online or in real life), chances of converting clients will be slim to none. This is where the know, like, and trust factor comes into play.

In our crazy socially-connected world, where there are at least five different people doing the exact same things that you are doing, you have to separate yourself from the pack. Do you need to learn a new modality? Move to a new location? No! It’s as simple as getting your audience to know, like, and trust you!

Do They Know You?

Of course they know me. I post on Instagram every day!” Just because you are posting daily with pictures of you flexing, working out, or showing off your lunch, doesn’t mean your followers truly know you. While this superficial content might look great, it really doesn’t give an audience much to go on.

Instead, try getting personal! Trainers and coaches who share their stories and experiences are more likely to get booked. Why? Because someone visiting your website or following your social media profiles can relate to it.

For example, say you struggled with weight issues before finding your path to fitness. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable and sharing your story of how you gained confidence from your fitness journey, you’ll open up a part of yourself to your community. Someone who’s going through the same or a similar experience will automatically be drawn to you when they hear your story. Sharing your values, struggles and experiences (not just your #instafood photos) makes you memorable, relatable, and will have clients flocking to you and your programs.

How to help Clients and followers get to know you:
  • Be clear on who you’re speaking to and help them relate to you.
  • Share information about your products and services (maybe on a live video!).
  • Promote helpful content that your audience can actually use.
  • Host Q&A sessions in person and online.

Shared interest brings people together. The best way to develop relationships and likeability is to take an interest in others.

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Do They Like You?

The second part of the know, like, and trust factor. Does your community like you?

According to Princeton University psychologists, if you can portray yourself as warm and friendly, people will feel like they can trust you. Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy says, “It’s important to demonstrate warmth first, then competence, especially in a business or networking session.”

Also, let people know you’re human. Many think of health professionals as these almighty beings who eat perfectly and go to the gym daily. Remind them we are just like everyone else. We make mistakes; we eat badly (usually in moderation!), and we even have a beer from time to time. With being busy entrepreneurs, we can get sidetracked with our own fitness. Let your prospective clients know you are on the same level as them.

How to get clients and followers to like you:
  • Offer positive and optimistic communication.
  • Be creative with your message and try new things. Be original!
  • Find a way to be a unique voice without being too out-of-the-box.
  • Respond to customer e-mails, phone calls, or comments in a timely manner.
  • Create quality programs that brings value to your clients.

Do They Trust You?

Trustworthiness is a very important part of having the know, like, and trust factor in your fitness business.

If you want people to purchase your products or services, you need to get them to trust you. The best way to gain trust from your audience is to show that you truly understand them and have the best methods to alleviate their problems. Be clear and respectful to humanize your business and prioritize accurate, on-trend, high-quality content to assure them that you know your stuff.

How to get clients and followers to trust you:
  • Prioritize editorial content— only push for sales 25% of the time.
  • Collaborate with others in your industry who have positive reputations.
  • Develop processes that give the customer confidence, like money-back guarantees or refund opportunities.
  • Read past reviews of your business to ensure you are hitting all the marks.
  • Go above and beyond. Under-promise and over-deliver—and never make promises you can’t keep.

When your fitness business delivers the know, like and trust factor, consumers will become passionate about your brand. If you show a good track record of great products, services, and testimonials; you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can build credibility for both you and your business.

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