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Trainerize Features I Love: Video, Payments, and Habits

Features I Love is a blog series where trainers share their favorite Trainerize features—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been a fitness professional for over thirteen years, as the owner of both a boutique fitness studio, and a successful online training business. Over the past year, the popularity of my online training business skyrocketed (one guess as to why that happened!), and I had the opportunity to pivot my business to a hybrid model of both in-person and virtual training.

I’ve learned so much over the last year about marketing my business, packaging my offerings and keeping clients motivated and accountable during difficult times. Here are my personal picks for the top Trainerize features that helped me, my business and my clients to thrive.

Video Features

I feel like having my own exercise videos in the Trainerize app helps with my branding, and helps to strengthen my relationship with my clients. Don’t get me wrong, I often use the Trainerize videos if I don’t have a particular exercise filmed, but I love having the ability to upload my own examples.

I have also recently been creating full 30 minute follow along workouts that I have uploaded to YouTube, and then added to my app as an exercise, so clients can workout live with me through the app.The ability to offer a wide variety of videos and demonstrations is crucial to keeping clients engaged, and supporting them through their workouts.

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Trainerize Pay

Despite using Trainerize for my business for over six(!) years, I only recently switched over to using Trainerize Pay. I needed more automation, so I made the move! This has been particularly impactful in selling my one-time purchase products. And so far, it’s going great!

I love that I don’t have to do anything manually once a client purchases a product. Workouts are added to their account, and clients are all set up and ready to begin with the product they have purchased. The integration with Zapier is amazing too, as it sends automated emails once these clients sign up—nothing like making money in your sleep!

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Habit Coaching

I’m a firm believer that small changes add up to big results, so habit coaching is a huge part of how I coach clients. Having the ability to highlight and focus on certain habits as clients progress through their program is a fantastic tool that I feel contributes to overall success.

Many of my clients have shared how much they enjoy the habit coaching on the app, as they initially come to me thinking that weight loss and overall health is only related to clean eating and exercise. Encouraging clients to focus on other things like hydration, sleep, and overall movement is essential to ensuring holistic health and well-being.

Features like the ones listed above helped me to weather the storm that was 2020 while continuing to help people achieve their fitness goals. I’m more passionate than ever about my business and the types of services I can offer to my clients efficiently and profitably!

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