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Trainerize empowers coaches and fitness businesses to create a 360° wellness experience that brings fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching to their clients’ wrists.

VANCOUVER, BC – September 10, 2020 – Since its inception, Trainerize has been on a mission to make fitness accessible—and with their newly-released Apple Watch App, they’ve progressed to a whole new phase of accessibility. Fitness businesses and personal trainers can now deliver coaching straight to their clients’ wrists, transforming the way wearables are utilized in personal health and wellness routines.

Through its mobile app, Trainerize has always offered convenient, communicative, on-the-go personal training for worldwide users. Now, with the launch of the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize, iOS users can take on-the-go to the next level of freedom and convenience through wearable fitness tracking and coaching.

The Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize combines fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching to deliver a 360° approach to health and wellness—all available hands-free, 24/7, from the user’s wrist. 

“We’re taking a big leap away from what’s already been done and into the future of digital fitness,” says CEO Sharad Mohan. “It’s no longer about just tracking from the wrist, it’s about creating an integrated training experience—a full-circle connection of wearables, holistic wellness, and online training designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life. With the WatchOS app, we’re empowering the more than 150,000 trainers using Trainerize to engage and motivate their clients and inspire healthy choices every day.”

In addition to opening the doors to 360° coaching from the wrist, the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize also allows trainers to access powerful client data. 

Activity stats—including duration, distance, average heart rate, calories burned, and more—are tracked automatically during workouts or cardio sessions, and trainers can dive deeper into client performance via the Apple Health app which syncs steps, sleep, calories burned, lean body mass, blood pressure, and resting heart rate to Trainerize. This level of seamless and consistent tracking enables trainers to make data-driven coaching decisions, resulting in more effective training and better personalization for clients.

The launch of their Apple Watch App firmly establishes Trainerize as a driver in a greater trend toward wearable devices and connected digital platforms. 

With Trainerize doubling down on connected fitness and online training and Apple focused on native health elements for the upcoming Apple Watch updates, there’s clear synergy between the organizations, their missions, and the future of the fitness tech industry. The new Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize brings all the pieces together, empowering Trainerize trainers to elevate Apple’s fitness ecosystem to new heights.

For fitness businesses and trainers alike the new Trainerize WatchOS app enables a world of hyper-personalized coaching experiences. Stronger interactivity between clients and coaches, better data and insights, and by-the-minute influence over user behaviour will enhance the entire wellness experience.

This is just the start of Trainerize’s WatchOS developments—ongoing updates are planned throughout 2020 and into 2021. 

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Trainerize is a Personal Training Software and mobile app trusted by 150,000 fitness professionals and health clubs worldwide. The platform allows fitness businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical spaces, better connect with members, build meaningful relationships, and digitize the training experience. Fitness businesses use Trainerize to boost member engagement through digital services as well as attracting new members by tapping into the market of online training. Learn more about Trainerize.

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