Upgrade Announcements Trainerize sites fully compatible on mobile

Viewing a full Trainerize site from a mobile browser is one of our most common feature requests. Clients today access websites more often on their Smartphones than their laptops, and personal trainers marketing their business on Trainerize want to ensure that when a client pulls up their website on their Smartphone, that it serves up their full site.

Today, we are making this possible by serving up your full Trainerize sites when viewed from a mobile browser. And when your client chooses to login, we’ll route them to the native iOS app or the mobile website if it’s an Android.

We’ve also released a few other features and fixes:

  • The workout builder displays larger videos
  • The custom exercise description field size has been doubled
  • We’ve made it easier for site visitors to become a client

With the new features above, we believe it’ll help you train more clients. Login to your Trainerize site, and let us know what you think!

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