Product Upgrades and Releases TRAINERIZE UPDATE | Introducing Grocery Shopping Lists – Make Meal Planning a Breeze

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Navigating the grocery store can be daunting for many, especially when trying to stick to a specific meal plan. Remembering to buy everything needed for the meals can also get stressful.

As a coach, you not only want to provide your clients with easy-to-follow meal plans but also make prep and shopping easier so they can focus on achieving their goals better. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Grocery Shopping Lists for the Smart Meal Planner. This feature, designed especially for your clients, will simplify their grocery shopping experience and make it easier for them to stick to their nutritional goals.

Coupling Smart Meal Plans with a Grocery Shopping List means one less step for your clients in achieving their nutrition goals. It ensures that all the ingredients needed for healthy meals are at their fingertips, saving time, unwanted large grocery bills and promoting adherence to what they need to cook.

🛒 How Your Clients Can Use Grocery Shopping Lists

Screenshot of grocery shopping list basket button📋 Instant grocery list generation: With just a tap on the Grocery List icon within their Smart Meal Plan your clients can effortlessly create a comprehensive grocery list tailored to their dietary needs. 


Screenshot of grocery shopping list day toggles

🗓️ Customizable shopping days: Clients have the flexibility to select specific days or meals they’re planning to shop for, offering personalized grocery planning.  



Screenshot of grocery shopping list number of people adjuster
Adjustable quantities for meal prep: The app smartly adjusts ingredient quantities based on the number of people, ensuring accurate shopping quantities every time. 


Screenshot of grocery shopping list sorting options
🔎 Efficient list sorting:
Grocery lists can be sorted either alphabetically or by category, making in-store navigation a breeze and saving time by grouping items located in the same store section.


Screenshot of grocery shopping list checkboxes


✅ Interactive checklist feature: The grocery list doubles as a convenient checklist, allowing clients to mark off purchased items. For repeat shopping, items can simply be unchecked to reuse the list, promoting an organized shopping experience. 


🙌 3 Ways Your Clients Win With Grocery Lists  

Grocery lists will be a game-changer for your clients, providing multiple wins that enhance their overall wellness journey:  

  1. Time efficiency: Crafting a grocery list can shave off approximately 30 minutes from their shopping time, allowing clients to dedicate more energy towards cooking and implementing other valuable recommendations from their coach.
  2. Cost savings: By sticking to a well-planned grocery list, clients can reduce their food expenses by 25-30%. Research indicates that such planned shopping endeavors can lead to savings of at least $1,000 a month, showcasing the financial benefits of focused shopping and underscoring the value of nutrition coaching as a wise investment.
  3. Waste reduction: Adopting smart and intentional shopping habits leads to less food waste, making every purchase count and contributing positively to both the environment and their budget. 

🫵 How You Win With Grocery Shopping Lists 

Grocery shopping lists aren’t just for your clients; you benefit too! They streamline meal shopping, boosting client compliance with their nutrition goals. By offering meal shopping assistance with your meal plans, you provide comprehensive support, improving your overall coaching service offering.

No more wasting time writing out lists by hand or forgetting essential items at the store. Tell your clients about grocery shopping lists today! 

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