Product Upgrades and Releases ABC TRAINERIZE UPDATE | Introducing the Smart Meal Planner – The Fastest and Easiest Way to Offer Meal Plan Suggestions for Clients

Introducing the Smart Meal Planner - The easiest, fastest (and most fun) way to offer meal plan suggestions for clients

In the past, when someone signed up for a coach, they were introduced to a set of weights and the differences between a set and a superset. The focus was on fitness and training, but over the years there’s been a shift. Coaches are now starting to take a holistic, 360° approach to coaching, one that includes fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching. Ultimately, it’s a combination of the three that will help clients reach their goals.

With the personal trainer role being redefined to become more holistic, we see nutrition as a default element of personal training. Which is why we’ve been focusing on enabling trainers to deliver on nutrition coaching seamlessly with one app. One app to deliver on nutrition habits, tracking meals, and delivering meal plans.

However, we’ve taken it one step further with extra nutrition coaching features!

The Advanced Nutrition add-on makes it easy to generate and deliver personalized meal plans in seconds

Say Hello to Advanced Nutrition Coaching

ABC Trainerize’s Advanced Nutrition Coaching add-on will make it easy for you to generate and deliver personalized meal plans in seconds, so you can spend less time building meal plans from scratch and more time coaching clients. You can generate meal plans using the Smart Meal Planner feature.

The Smart Meal Planner helps generate meals for clients, customized to their caloric goals, macro split, dietary preferences, and more.

Easily Deliver Meal Plan Guides with the Smart Meal Planner

It’s never been easier to coach a variety of clients who have different needs and dietary preferences. If clients are looking for more guidance around what to eat, you can generate up to 3 days worth of meals for clients based on their caloric goals, macro split, dietary preferences, and more in seconds. The meal plan will get delivered to clients right away and they can follow along to engaging videos and detailed recipes as they cook. 

Customize your smart meal plan based off of daily caloric intake, meal frequency, macro splits, dietary preferences, and food allergies and sensitivies

When creating a smart meal plan coaches have the option to customize it based on several criteria:

  • Number of calories per day
  • Number of meals per day (choose between 3 and 6 meals)
  • Macro split for the meals (choose between Balanced, Low Carbs, Low Fat)*** 
    • Balanced (40% Carb, 30% Protein, 30% Fat)
    • Low carb (20% Carb, 30% Protein, 50% Fat)
    • Low fat (30% Carb, 50% Protein, 20% Fat)
  • Dietary preference (choose between General, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Paleo)
  • Excluding food sensitivities (select to exclude Fish, Eggs, Dairy, Shellfish, Soy, Gluten, Tree Nuts, Peanuts)

Coaches can customize frequency delivery and select how many sample meal plan days they want their clients to receive (1-3 days).

Extra Features Your Clients Will Love

Once you hit generate, your clients will then see their meal plan suggestions right away! They can follow along engaging videos and recipes as they cook, easily track the foods that they cook in-app, swap meals for similar alternatives to discover new recipes.

Clients Can Quickly Track Meals with a Tap of a Button

Tracking meals in full detail can be tiring if you’re always cooking new meals–but now it doesn’t have to be! We’ve made it incredibly easy for your clients to track the meals that they cook from their meal plan right with-in the ABC Trainerize app.

All they need to do is tap “Ate Today” or select which date on the calendar they want to log the meal for–and viola! It’s tracked and you can see that they’ve been following along to your meal plan suggestions! 

Track your meals with a tap of a button and simply add the date

Swap Meals for Other Healthy Alternatives 

Once you’ve hit generate, you can curate their meal plan even further. Know your client won’t like a particular recipe? It’s easy to swap it out for similar meals that still hit all of your clients goals and preferences. Plus, clients can also swap the meals themselves right within the app–that way they can suit the meal plan to their own taste preferences and discover new recipes to cook! 

Swap meals for other alternatives in the

Why You And Your Clients Will Love This Nutrition Feature: 

  • Save time building meal plans and curating recipes from scratch – also save time refreshing client meal plans every week, they can do it themselves!
  • Easily create individualized, custom meal plan guides for each client based on their own nutrition, macro goals, frequency and dietary preferences.
  • Clients can swap out meals for similar alternatives to better suit their taste buds and they can explore new meals to cook.
  • Clients can quickly track the full calories and macros of the meals that they cook to make meal tracking easy and quick.

Learn More: See the Smart Meal Planner in action

Ready to build your smart meal plans, but need a bit more guidance?

Check out our how-to-video below where we’ll walk you through the steps and what it looks like!

Have a Feature on Your Wishlist? 

As you know, we’re always looking for feedback from our amazing trainers. We love using your ideas and feedback to help make ABC Trainerize the best app possible for your fitness business.  

Let us know what other nutrition features you would like to see as part of the Smart Meal Planner or current functionality, or vote on other suggested ideas here.

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