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In a recent ABC Trainerize survey, over 60% of you, our TZ coaches, shared that you’re often recommending products to your clients, but only a fraction of you earn income from those recommendations. It’s time for a change and to get you paid for the value you offer.

Here at ABC Trainerize, we’re constantly innovating and thinking about how we can help put more money into the pockets of our coaches. Which is why we’re excited to introduce TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT, which will change the fitness affiliate marketing industry and help you kickstart a new passive income stream.  

TZ Storefront is designed to make it easy for fitness professionals to recommend products they know and trust and even easier for their clients to purchase those products in seconds. This helps you deliver more value to your clients while getting rewarded with cash every time a client follows the recommendation and makes a purchase—more value for your clients and more revenue for you and your business.  

3 Ways You Will Win with TZ Storefront

With an ever-growing catalog specifically targeted to the fitness and wellness industry, you can find 40+ industry-leading brands and more than 1000 products, all in one place. All you have to do is find the products you love, create and share a recommendation link, and make money when someone purchases through that link.

There is no application process, no need for a huge social media following or influencer status, just a straight sign-up process and an easy, intuitive platform to build and share product recommendations and earn cash rewards from every sale.

  1. Build a new passive income channel: Easy access to thousands of high-quality products allows you to expand your business offerings and start earning additional revenue—just for doing something you’re probably already doing for free. As a special incentive, ABC Trainerize coaches will receive a 3% bonus reward on top of the regular cash rewards for every sale. This means your new passive income channel could get you up to 20% cash rewards on every sale you make.  
  2. Access the industry’s best products and brands: WRKOUT, our partners at TZ Storefront, work directly with the biggest brands and their trusted partners in the industry. They also handle the checkout process from start to finish, including shipping and returns. You can rest easy knowing every product ordered comes straight from a source trusted and vetted brand and arrives at your clients’ doors quickly.
  3. Increase engagement with clients: Proactively incorporating product recommendations into your programs will help clients find the best supplements, equipment, and more to complement their fitness journey. This enhances your offering and strengthens your client relationship, increasing engagement and retention.

Sign Up for TZ Storefront to Start Earning Commissions

TZ Storefront is exclusively available for Trainerize Payments subscribers in the USA and Canada. Log in to your app and follow the banner within the overview page to sign up. Alternatively, check your email for special instructions on how to join this exciting opportunity. Not a Trainerize Payments subscriber? Log in to your ABC Trainerize app to set up the payments in the add-on section now.  

TZ Tips: Ways to Incorporate TZ Storefront Links to Get The Most Sales

Add it to your social media accounts: create a general recommendation page of all your favorite products and share it with your social following through the description section, stories, or posts on your account.   

Create personalized coaching recommendations: Create a personalized recommendation page for each client based on their needs and share with them through direct messages or a part of their workout instructions 

Make it a part of your training program: Add links for equipment or supplements that complement the training program/product. Add it to your product descriptions or welcome emails, helping ongoing clients discover products to support them in achieving their goals.  

Still need help? Head to our help article or reach out to our coaches team.  

Share Your Ideas

We’re committed to helping our coaches succeed, so we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future tools and features. Head over to our ideas forum to submit your ideas or vote for your favorites—your input shapes the future of ABC Trainerize. 

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