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Fitness resolutions are running at an all time high during this time of the yearand clients are looking for your help to make them a reality! Give clients the ease and convenience of training with the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize and help them kick-start their year strong. 

Since our first release of the Apple Watch App, clients have been loving tracking workouts and habits on the go, checking off daily-to-dos, and the ability to have you, their coach by their sideright from their wrist. 

This time around, we have more in store to help clients train according to their lifestyle, seamlessly and easily when they strap on their Apple Watch. ⌚️

From having the Apple Watch App act as a companion to workouts and cardio activities, a variety of new cardio activities added to suit your clients’ fitness routines, to new sets of milestones and achievement badges and more, we’ve packed a lot into this mighty upgrade! 

Keep reading to learn more about the latest in the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize and how to get clients training with you on their wrist now! 👇

The perfect companion.

Clients now enjoy a seamless workout experience when it comes to starting and ending their workouts using their Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize. 

The Apple Watch App doubles as the perfect workout and cardio companion working to fuel those extra data points to the app. Clients can now start a workout or cardio activity on their phone and view and keep track of time, distance, calories, and heart rate data! 

This extra bit of data gives clients a fuller picture of their workout, motivating them to reach their targets, to burn more calories, and to maintain or reach a higher heart rate zone! 

Plus, when the workout is complete, clients can easily end a workout with a quick tap on their Apple Watch App, no more going back to the phone to stop the workout! 

The Apple Watch App doubles as the perfect workout and cardio companion

Freedom to sweat how they like.

Sometimes clients don’t always feel like completing a scheduled workout, and that’s okay! 

If there’s another form of activity they would rather do to get their heart pumping and body sweating, it’s definitely a win in our books. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Thanks to the addition of 24 new cardio activities on the latest Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize, clients can now track all activities. From rowing, pilates, to team sports and more, it has never been more seamless for clients to track their cardio activities straight from their wristson the go! 

Note: Clients are not yet able to track swimming as of right now, as the feature is tracked a bit differently per 100m. If you would like to see this feature in a future release, head over to our idea’s forum to up-vote the idea


24 new cardio activities on the latest Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize, clients can now track all activities


When clients open their Apple Watch app, they have the freedom to complete more than just the standard workouts and you get a full picture of how they’re training. 

Plus, clients can challenge themselves when completing a cardio activity by setting either a distance or time targethelping them to push their limits and crush their fitness goals! They can do this by tapping the three dots next to the name of the cardio activity on their Apple Watch App to set a target for their cardio activity. 

Learn more on how clients can start a cardio activity and set a target using the Apple Watch App.

clients can challenge themselves when completing a cardio activity by setting either a distance or time target


TZ Tip!  Some cardio activities include both an indoor and outdoor option. Encourage clients to switch up their location and get a breath of fresh air while they complete their exercisesocially distanced of course! Afterwards, head to the web app to view a client’s progress on an activity by filtering on indoor or outdoor. 

Training in the zone.

Encouraging clients to train according to heart rate zones is a fantastic way to ensure they’re challenging themselves enough amidst a workout. 

We’ve now made it incredibly easy for a client to view their heart rate zones as they’re training with new colored bars, colored to indicate each heart rate zone.

Training according to heart rate zones, of which includes 5 zones and divided according to the percentage of a client’s maximum heart rate, helps clients recognize when they need to push harder. 

This is perfect for ensuring that clients maintain the right intensity during their workouts and avoid plateauing in their training, especially important as clients naturally grow accustomed to cardio activities the more they train! 

New colored bars to indicate each heart rate zone

Note: We have removed the ability to set heart rate targets based on specific durations of time or distances to go along with clients’ cardio sessions due to low usage. If you’d like to see us add in heart rate zone interval training instead, head over to our idea’s forum to up-vote the idea!

TZ Tip!  Compile more guidance for clients on heart rate zone training by uploading a document and attaching the PDF as a meal plan. If clients’ want a tailored approach to their cardio activity on heart rate zone training, set up a video call appointment and help them with a customized plan! 

Celebrate the little victories.

Keep clients motivated and celebrate their small wins along the way! 

When clients strap on the Apple Watch App and complete a new cardio activity, they can unlock a new set of achievement badges and milestones when they achieve new personal bests. These will appear right on their Apple Watch App! 

Plus, clients can now view all the badges they’ve collected on a new badge boardgreat for reminding clients of their past wins!

As a coach, it’s rewarding to see clients push themselves and achieve their goals and personal bests. To stay on top of clients’ successes, view a client’s badge board inside their profile on both the web app and mobile app.

clients can now view all the badges they’ve collected on a new badge board

How to get the Apple Watch App. 

Currently, only clients can use the Apple Watch App to fuel their health and fitness routines (trainer features coming soon!). If you’re already using Trainerize to power your business, your clients will automatically get the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize.  

How to get the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize

All they need to do is: 

  1. Make sure they’re running version 7.0 or later of Trainerize on their iOS device 
  2. Connect their Apple Watch to their Trainerize account (you can invite them from the app by clicking “Invite to connect” from their profile, or send them these step-by-step instructions on how to do it) 

Once they’ve done those 2 simple steps, the Apple Watch App will automatically install on their Apple Watch and they can start using it for workouts, cardio activities, and habits. 

Your brand on your clients’ wrists. 

Deliver a unique, personalized brand experience for clients when it comes to training with you and your company. Brand the Apple Watch App as your own, by customizing it with your logo and branding, and see it on the wrist of all your clients!  

Apply custom branding to the new Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize

If you’re not already an existing Studio or Enterprise plan member, upgrade today to be able to get your own custom branded version of the Apple Watch App. Plus, it includes your own Custom Branded App for iOS and Android mobile devices, free of charge!  

Note: the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize does not support custom branding for users with the Pro version of the custom app. To apply custom branding, check out our Studio plans.

There’s more to come!

Stay tuned as we continue to add more features to the Apple Watch App, including additional workout types, training-facing capabilities, and more! That way, you and your clients can do even more on the go right from your wrist.

Help us shape the future of the Apple Watch App by letting us know which features you’d like to see! If you’d like to see swimming offered as a cardio activity and offer zone interval training for clients, let us know by voting for those features. Have something else in mind? Head over to our ideas forum to submit an idea or vote for other favorites! 

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