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Now more than ever, fitness entrepreneurs can truly make a difference in the lives of their clients—if, that is, they’ve got the right tools. No one knows this simple fact better than Greg McCoy, personal trainer and owner of Hidden Gym, a full-service facility located in Allen, Texas.

At 4,000 square feet and offering personal training, boxing, recovery, and sports performance, Hidden Gym is one of the most unique gyms in the country. “Our goal is to help our clients get more from their workouts by providing a world-class facility and the industry’s best trainers,” says Greg.

After purchasing the facility in March 2019, Greg began researching different platforms that would allow him to seamlessly process payments, establish new revenue streams, and increase client engagement and accountability. After testing out five different platforms, Greg found Trainerize and immediately realized its potential. “It’s a competitive advantage. Billing is a sensitive subject, and you need to get it right. Working with Trainerize puts you head and shoulders, and maybe even hips, above your competitors.”

Greg is also a fan of the way Trainerize’s acquisition by ABC Fitness Solutions has brought together exercise, nutrition, and health to create the total fitness experience. “We were so excited about this team-up and what it’s going to mean for our business and the industry as a whole. As an owner, the ability to help members through their entire fitness experience, inside and outside of our four walls, is very exciting.”

With ABC and Trainerize, Hidden Gym was able to create a new monthly online revenue stream and improve member engagement by doubling the Personal Training profit center. Trainerize’s Studio plans are designed specifically for businesses with brick-and-mortar establishments to help them put member engagement first and easily add mobile fitness technology to their services offerings. “ABC and Trainerize allow us to provide a great client experience, both in the gym where we’re used to serving them, but also when they’re doing at-home workouts,” notes Greg.

Online personal training is the perfect option for clients who have a busy lifestyle (i.e., everyone). Clients can work out whenever they choose, and still get the benefit of a structured program and personal support from a coach. “Engagement is up, we’ve taken our personal training to the next level, and our clients are happier and seeing better results. It’s been such a win for us!”

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