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Gym Launch was set up with a simple goal: to help gym owners around the world reach more people, transform more lives, and build the business of their dreams.  

We were delighted to recently have the opportunity to speak with Gym Launch CEO, Cale Owen, who’s passion for and knowledge of gym growth is unmatched.

In our latest webinar, Cale provides some valuable insight for studios and gyms when it comes to client retention. The central idea behind this webinar is rather than getting more members to increase gym revenue, studios can leverage their existing customer base by making some strategic changes.

The following three topics categorize these strategic changes:

Part 1: Pricing and Billing Frequency

When it comes to pricing, finding the right balance between competitive rates and sustainable business costs is key. Offering flexible billing frequencies, such as monthly or yearly options, caters to different member preferences and financial situations.  

Clear communication about pricing and billing terms helps build trust and transparency, reducing the likelihood of member dissatisfaction or cancellations due to unexpected charges. 

In this part of the webinar, one of the topics Cale talks about is how gyms should bill weekly or every 4 weeks, as opposed to monthly. This gives gyms an extra billing cycle every year and can increase revenue by 8%!  

Part 2: Offering More to Your Members

By continuously adding value and addressing members’ evolving needs and interests, gyms can create a sense of belonging and loyalty among their members. This greatly helps to reduce the likelihood of attrition.

Offering more to your members can include a variety of amenities such as state-of-the-art equipment, diverse fitness classes, personalized training programs, nutritional guidance, and even perks like discounts on merchandise or access to exclusive events. Other topics covered by Cale in the webinar include supplements and accountability coaching.

Part 3: Increasing Per-Member Revenue and Profit

Increasing per-member revenue and profit is a critical aspect of sustaining and growing a gym business. This involves strategies such as upselling additional services like personal training sessions, nutrition coaching, or specialized fitness programs. Implementing retention-focused initiatives such as rewards programs, referral bonuses, and member-exclusive promotions can also contribute to boosting per-member revenue. Additionally, analyzing data and feedback from members can help identify opportunities for revenue optimization and operational efficiency, ultimately driving long-term profitability and success for the gym.

In this section, Cale discusses revenue generating methods that can be used by small gyms and others that can be used by larger ones.

Watch the Webinar with Cale Owen in Full

Ready to learn how to increase gym revenue from a true expert in the field?

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How to Earn More with Clients and Members You Already Have 

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