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What if your clients no longer need to switch between apps?

Save time and offer a better client experience delivering nutrition coaching easier through meal photos, macro tracking, meal plans and daily habits—all, easy to track in one single app.

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How nutrition coaching can fuel your business success.

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Watch your revenue grow by automating your nutrition workflows.

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Nutrition Goals & Habits

Set and monitor nutrition goals and encourage healthier food choices through habits.

Nutrition Goals Screen

Set and track client nutrition goals

Encourage clients to stay accountable to their health by setting daily nutrition goals, weight goals or milestone goals for them.

Form better nutrition habits

Help clients make lasting, healthy changes to how they approach food. Pick from pre-set nutrition habits or build your own.


+ Deliver habit lessons

Build your own habit-based coaching curriculum through short video leassons and teach clients how to incorporate healthy habits to their lifestyle.

Meal Tracking

Keep clients more accountable by tracking their meals and measuring their compliance.

Meal Tracking Screen

Simple photo food journaling

Taking pictures of food is no longer just for the 'gram. With a visual journal of client eating habits, you can help them make better food choices.

Full on meal tracking for advanced clients

Go deep on client tracking. Clients can scan or search for foods in the meal library, and track them in the app. Get full nutrition information and daily breakdowns of calories, macro and micronutrients.

Add your own recipes

Customize the app with your own recipes and offer a premium nutrition coaching experience. With access to your curated recipes, your clients get the best meals to cook and track in-app.

Meal Planning

With smart meal plans, you set the macro goals and give clients hundreds of healthy meal combinations to choose from.

Meal Planning Screen

Ahi tuna with soy sauce

Deliver customized meal plans with the Smart Meal Planner

Save time with interactive meal plans based on your clients' caloric goals, macro split, schedule, and dietary preferences. Give clients up to 3 sample days of meals. Clients can swap meals with similar alternatives and discover new delicious recipes that make eating healthy easier.

Attach a PDF Meal Plan

Already have your own meal plans? Attach them to clients' profiles and switch them as needed.

Engaging app experience with recipe videos + images

Make clients' daily cooking experience easier and more engaging with short recipe videos and images that guide them through the process.

Measuring Progress & Wins

Get nutrition coaching insights to help your clients stay on track.

Measuring Progress Screens

Measure progress over time

Dive deep into nutrition with graphs for calories intake, caloric burn, and calories in/out to client progress over time and action on the insights to help them progress on their goals.

Gamify coaching with badges and winning streaks

As clients complete habits each day, they will earn habit streaks and unlock special achievement badges—perfect for fueling endless motivation and accountability.

Check client nutrition compliance at a glance

Know exactly how well your clients are performing week over week by seeing their nutrition compliance scores at a glance.

Assign and monitor client daily nutrition goals

Easily review how your clients are working towards their daily nutrition goal with insights into their calories and macros for the day.

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Printable grocery shopping lists

Clients can quickly generate a shopping list of the groceries they'll need based off of the recipes in their meal plan.

Paths Icon

Customized onboarding paths for nutrition clients

Streamline your client intake workflows by creating customized onboarding experiences tailored for specific client needs.

Custom Plan Icon

Custom meal plan templates + custom coach roles

Need to personalize more? Go custom by adding your own meal plan templates and control who has access to editing them.

See the bigger picture. Bring all your tools into ABC Trainerize.

Get access to more client nutrition data through powerful integrations for meal and calorie tracking, body measurements and meal planning. ABC Trainerize integrates with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Withings and Evolution Nutrition, so you can monitor client progress more holistically.

Nutrition Integration Apps
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