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Why Trainerize Is the Best Platform for Your In-Person Training

Looking for the best tool to run your personal training business—both online and off?

I highly recommend Trainerize.

I’m Michelle Roots, I’m the founder of Core Conditioning, a fitness studio with individual and group offerings. I’m also a longtime personal trainer. I have used many different brands of software for my business—as well as the old-school paper and spreadsheets—but Trainerize has made my life so. much. easier.

I’m going to tell you why below! Here are my three top reasons why I love using Trainerize in my personal training business.

1. Keep track of all workouts, stats, and measurements in one place

Before using Trainerize at my studio, I kept all my clients workouts, measurements, and assessments in a paper file in a filing cabinet at the gym.

This worked fine for a long time, but one thing that was difficult was keep track of clients last weight lifted on specific exercises. I would write it all down, but without flipping through past workouts it was hard to make sure we were applying progressive overload without taking a lot of time to flip through the file.

Now, with Trainerize, when I pull up the workout for a client, it will show me their last weight and reps for each exercise in that workout, huge time-saver! I also like that I can track the client’s measurements and weight in the app and set reminders to re-do their measurements! This allows us to check in regularly to ensure they are making progress.

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2. Maintain full transparency on client programs across a team of trainers

When we were using physical files for our clients, we had to store the files at the studio. Even when multiple trainers were working with one specific client throughout the week!

Meaning although we were tracking all the workouts, the other trainer would have to wait until they were next at the studio to see and program for the client’s next session. Now that we are using Trainerize, we are able all see the client’s workouts within the app and program much sooner.

Added bonus: we don’t have to pick up a physical file! We can message the client within the app and don’t have to worry about missed communications between trainers and clients.

3. Book appointments, sell training packages, and retain access to workouts

Clients are able to download their own version of Trainerize to have access to their workouts when they are not training in person! Plus, I can schedule the workouts into their calendar for them to make sure they are doing them!

This helps a lot with client accountability and ensuring we are still able to help them even when they are training on their own outside of our studio. Clients are also able to book appointments and buy training packages right in Trainerize which is also helpful and takes away the need for having an alternate software for payments and session scheduling—plus, it puts the power to make purchases right in their hands.

Using a tool like Trainerize is a perfect example of working smarter, not harder. The technology is available—why not level up your business and excel as a fitness entrepreneur by working alongside the best platform available?

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