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3 Ways to Measure Client Progress in Trainerize

Assessing your online clients might seem like an impossible challenge. The whole point is seeing them in action, right? It may be surprising, but online training can actually trump in-person training when it comes to measuring your clients’ results. It all comes down to the data, which we all know technology has gotten ridiculously good at. So how do you keep track of your online clients and their results with Trainerize? Here are three ways to track progress and assess your clients the next time you check in on them:

1. Dig into the Progress Tab

When you enter your clients’ profile, click on the progress tab for all the graphs and data you’ll ever need to know exactly where they are at with any exercise they’ve done. The exercise graphs are especially useful for programming. Click on any exercise and you can see their progress over a 3 month, 6 month, or over an entire year or several year time period. It allows you to see the exercises they are progressing in and where their progress has stalled a bit. Other ways you can assess your clients within the progress tab include their body stats, reviewing particular workouts and tracking previous sets/reps performed, and their progress photos.

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2. Keep an Eye on Your Feed

Trainerize integrates with wearable fitness trackers such as Fitbit and other software like MyFitnessPal. If your client is new to online training, get them set up with a wearable fitness tracker! With this integration, you can both track their activity level and diet more carefully. As soon as you log into their profile, there is an activity graph that tracks each workout they check off as well as any additional cardio they complete. You can see a breakdown of this activity over to the right of their dashboard. If they track cardio with their Fitbit, it will let you know they checked in for walking, running, or another form of exercise there as well.

3. Explore Their Calendars

The calendar feature is not only a great tool for online clients to stay on track, but it’s also helpful for you as a trainer with your programming.

When you click on a particular workout they’ve completed on the calendar, all the data including the sets and reps they performed will be available. Oftentimes I’ll use the calendar feature to dive into several different workouts quickly and easily to help create and modify upcoming workouts. It allows me to take a look at what exercises they are needing to increase or decrease weight for and which ones they added or decreased reps for. That way, I can check out what is up next for them and make any modifications based on how the previous week of workouts went.

Tracking a client’s progression over time can either be an extremely daunting task or extremely easy one, depending if you have the technology to help you do it. Utilizing Trainerize’s features means you never have to record another PR manually or update a progression spreadsheet after every workout. Let technology track progress for you so you can spend less time with busy work and more time programming and training!

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