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5 Marketing Tasks To Do Now in Preparation for January 2021

Well, I guess we can all agree that 2020 was a bit of a flop.

But what did come from this pandemic was the surge for trainers to switch their training to an online platform—and for many, that was thanks to Trainerize!

If you haven’t already launched your online training services, make sure you at least partially do so to ensure your clients and prospects are ready for the new year. Undoubtedly, they are looking for something good to come out of 2021 and I’m sure most people are looking to lose the “Quarantine 15”!

In order to reach the exact people who need your services (and you!), you should be preparing for the “New Year, New Me” movement now. Now’s the time to get ahead, get the most reach and, most importantly, get the most client sign-ups.

Here are five marketing tasks you can start today to help your prospects find you in the new year.

1. Highlight your online services

Whether you’re doing full online programs or partial, make sure you are highlighting these services in your social media posts and email marketing. Gyms are re-opening and closing so often right now—it’s quite unstable and many people are reluctant to get back in the gyms right now, due to the spread of the virus. If you haven’t already, make it a point to talk about and advertise your online services now! People need to have you in the back of their minds with the title of an “Online Trainer” for when they’re looking for this exact service in the new year, so don’t wait!

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2. Start talking about goal setting for 2021

Again, with 2020 being such a flop of a year and with lockdowns happening again, people want to look forward to something. They want to get excited about the future! Again, this mentality aligns with the whole “New Year, New Me” time period.

Start talking about what goals your followers, prospects, and clients are looking to gain from the new year. A great way to do this is to post a questionnaire on one of your social media platforms, this will get your followers and prospects engaged with you, which will lead them to build a relationship with you. This will help for the new year, as again, they will have established you as a professional and will want to reach out to you for help in reaching those goals.

3. Make sure your website is up and running efficiently

Too often trainers have products and programs that they want to share, but unless someone asks them directly about it, they have no idea these services are even offered. So as your Marketing tasks, make sure your website is edited, the links work, and your programs are clearly advertised on your website for maximum visibility. Even though a prospect might now want to buy now, I can assure you, people are looking at your website and services, and they are preparing for the new year in order to reach out to the professionals. Make sure your links work, I make it a point to check out my own website weekly and click all the buttons to ensure I have clear and efficient navigation for prospects.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a website, simply make sure to utilize the Trainerize site designer and ensure your programs are clearly labeled and attached.

4. Start promoting holiday deals now

As the holidays approach, people are putting their wishlists together. What if hiring an online trainer is at the top of their lists? With gift giving in mind, it’s definitely proactive to begin advertising for your holiday specials. These specials can include things like discounts, buy one-get-one deals, and gift cards. Above all, who says online training can’t be the perfect present for a family member or friend? Personally, I find I get a lot of spouses who want to purchase a gift card for their significant others as they have been wanting to use my services for quite some time.

5. If you use ads, start them now

Similar to tip #4, it’s important to start promoting your ads (if you use them) during the holiday season. You want people to find out who you are and get to know you and the serves you offer before the new year. If you are simply advertising as soon as we ring in 2021, people will have no idea who you are and will most likely go with someone else they are more familiar with.

Pro tip: If you use social media ads, make sure that you are looking at the analytics of the clicks and retarget your ads to those who click the most. This will ensure that you are getting in front of them as much as you can in order to gain their trust.

Alright, now that you are ready and armed with these five super-important marketing tasks to get you ready for 2021! Get a move on and don’t be left behind. It’s very competitive out there—so make sure you’re prepared and advertising your amazing services now!

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