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Amidst the relentless pace of modern work life, many businesses are starting to acknowledge that a healthy workforce is a productive one. As more and more company leadership teams begin to understand that investing in employee well-being is a direct investment in company performance, a shift is occurring in corporate attitudes.

Smart companies are realizing that fostering a culture of well-being is not just a perk; it’s a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. On a more day-to-day basis, benefits such as reduced absenteeism and heightened job satisfaction make prioritizing employee wellness a no-brainer.

A key element used by health-conscious employers is digital wellness platforms. There’s a world of excellent, easy-to-use employee wellness apps out there ideal keeping workers happy and healthy. And, in this blog, we’re going to take a quick look at 7 of the best!

Top Employee Wellness Apps for 2024 


Calm offers a pathway for companies to enhance employee well-being by promoting better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and fostering improved overall mental health. The Calm mobile app is equipped with guided meditations, mindfulness programs, and breathing exercises aimed at helping employees maintain focus and alleviate stress.

Calm also serves as a virtual guide, assisting employees in stretching and physical exercises that promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Overall, it’s a comprehensive solution for cultivating a healthier and more balanced work environment. It also utilizes robust analytics to provide valuable insights into employee wellness, contributing to the creation of a healthier workplace environment.


Headspace provides businesses with a platform called Headspace for Work, designed to promote employee well-being and mental health in the workplace. Some key features and services include mindfulness and meditation programs, and workshops/sessions that focus on stress reduction and resilience. 

Companies can also provide their employees with access to the Headspace app. This allows them to use the meditation and mindfulness resources on an individual basis whenever needed. Headspace for Work can provide employers with analytics and reporting tools to track employee engagement and assess the impact of the mindfulness programs they’ve implemented.


Wellable presents companies with a large selection of content and experiences for their employees. Some examples include wellness challenges, on-demand classes, unlimited health, lifestyle spending accounts, and more!

The key to promoting wellness activities lies in providing options for everyone, and Wellable excels in offering a diverse range of choices. Their on-demand classes and articles cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from fitness and hobbies (like cooking and wine tasting) to habit goals, such as giving up smoking.

Wellable seamlessly integrates with popular fitness wearables like Apple Watch and Fitbit, enhancing the overall user experience for employees and ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

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Woliba is where well-being meets productivity. This platform provides employees with personalized dashboards, empowering them to own their well-being, displaying goals, achievements, and progress.

Gamified challenges, both individual and team-based, foster healthy competition, with badges, points, and incentives for milestones. Recognition features allow employees to share success stories and express gratitude. While access to diverse content—fitness videos, nutrition recipes, and wellness articles— helps enhance their overall well-being.


Headversity is a workforce upskilling platform for mental health and resilience. Their preventative solution helps employers around the world build a psychologically safe work culture and get their workforce ahead of adversity.

Thanks to an industry-first blended learning system, headversity has helped more than 500k employees in over 22 countries to upskill their resilience and psychological safety. Now, they can think, feel and be their best — both inside and outside of the workplace!


Kona’s employee wellness platform is designed to proactively address and respond to burnout, using real-time emotional health data. Kona helps to prevent burnout with daily mental health check-ins in a dedicated Slack channel. Employees can mark themselves green = great, yellow = meh, red= horrible and add a quick explanation. Managers get notified when someone checks in red or hasn’t been green for a while.

All data from a team’s daily check-ins gets sent into a dashboard. Here, Kona can spot trends, warn users about burnout and prompt managers to take action. Each manager can see how their team has been feeling as a group as well as individual members.


The PerkUp platform is built around boosting employee morale. It allows management to effortlessly manage employee recognition, from celebrating promotions and top performers to acknowledging successful referrals. It simplifies scheduling for birthdays and work anniversaries, ensuring every milestone is recognized.

Leadership can enhance team camaraderie (and support local businesses!) by using PerkUp to fund and schedule team lunches. Accessible anytime through its mobile app, it’s perfect for managing your company’s wellness stipend, promoting both physical and mental well-being. PerkUp also integrates with many of the other top employee engagement and productivity apps, such as Workday.

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