Online CoachingSocial ResponsibilityThought Leadership Elevating Excellence: Black Trainers Leading the Way at ABC Trainerize

Here at ABC Trainerize, we continue to embrace the spirit of Black History Month by celebrating Black excellence in the fitness industry.

This time, we’re thrilled to be showcasing the exceptional talents within our own community of coaches. These visionary entrepreneurs are skilled, passionate and inspire us with their creativity and determination.

Check out this list of amazing black trainers, that we’re proud to say power their coaching with ABC Trainerize.

Tenasia Hatch | @tenasiaelon

Tenasia is the Founder and Head Coach at Souljourn Life in New York. She provides her clients with expert coaching, in-depth wellness education, and valuable nutrition tips. Her holistic approach to health empowers clients to transform their wellbeing and live better lifestyles.


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Jade Harris | @coach_ladyj

Jade is an online personal trainer and a nutrition coach. She’s passionate about enabling her clients to regain control of their bodies and to build up their strength. For her, it’s all about being the best version of yourself β€” and she knows how to get you there!



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Siya Molefe | @siyagetfit

Not only does Siya provide online personal training for his clients, but he also shares his expert knowledge with the world via his incredibly insightful YouTube channel. Whether it’s fitness challenges, stress-management tips or simply some extra motivation you need, Siya has you covered.



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Jarvis Hall | @

Jarvis is an online wellness and holistic coach from Memphis, Tennessee. His own fitness journey is an inspiring one, and he hopes to lead many more people along their own path to success and wellness.


Ned Argyle | @argylefitclub

Ned is a spiritual fitness coach, who has a strong belief in the power of self-love.Β  By combining her passion for helping others with her expert wellness knowledge, Ned helps clients find happiness and fulfilment in life.



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Sheneider Orelus | @sheneiderofficial

Sheneider is all about transforming the lives of his clients through results-driven personal training and functional strength. He also provides them with insightful nutrition tips, ensuring their bodies receives the nutrients needed to thrive.



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Nate Gabriel | @natesbodymechanicsuk

Nate offers both online and in-person training to his clients, in addition to running bootcamps. He’s dedicated to his craft and the science behind, and this approach helps him empower his clients to hit their personal growth and development goals.


Chase Morrison | @chasem45

Chase is certified fitness and nutrition coach and a former Division 1 athlete. He uses his years of training experience to help both fitness beginners and experienced athletes meet their goals. He’s all about making fitness accessible and motivating those willing to put the work in to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.



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Jazmen Rackley |

Jazmen is a certified master trainer who practices what she preaches by making working out fun. Her
Body Sculpting Saturdays are all about helping her clients build up their bodies, and doing so with a smile on their sweaty faces.



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Though Black History Month will end in a few weeks, ABC Trainerize remains committed to highlighting the exceptional Black trainers we work with on a daily basis. We hope you join us in honoring their contributions to our community and beyond.

Let’s celebrate diversity, resilience, and excellence as we recognize the profound impact of Black individuals throughout history. Together, let’s uplift and amplify their voices, forging a future of equality and opportunity for all.

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