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As summertime leads into fall (the first day of autumn is September 22!), all the sudden it’s football, TV binges, and before we know it, Halloween! It quite literally happens like the flick of a switch. As a trainer, you might find that come fall, your clients might be tailgating a bit too much or indulging in a few of those pumpkin spice sugar filled lattes and all the seasonal treats. So what happens to their fall health routines?

Of course, this is one of the greatest times of the year but as a health professional, your way of navigating this season is likely more healthy than your average client. Clients who might need help avoiding their old ways of not-so-healthy choices in their routines (which is why they hired you in the first place).

Let me give you some tactical approaches for fall! Worried about your client’s fall health routines? I’ve got three suggestions for fitness, nutrition, and habit tracking listed here. I hope these suggestions are helpful for you to implement in your own fall training season!

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Fitness adaptations for fall

Earlier sunsets, busier family schedules, and cooler weather are all easy distractions from your clients’ health goals. Here are some ways you can keep things exciting for your clients while adapting to a fall-friendly fitness routine:

  • Make workouts accessible from home: This is where you can start using your Trainerize video on-demand feature! Create quick and effective workouts for your clients to play right in the comfort of their own home. Or simply create workouts that require little to no equipment so they can continue their routine at home rather than the added step of commuting to the gym!
  • Take client running routines outside: This is the perfect season for outdoor runs and to shake things up from the typical treadmill, especially if your clients live in hot summer climates! Utilize the Trainerize interval exercise builder where you can put together interval running routines your client can listen to on-the-go with their Apple Watch or Fitbit in hand.
  • Create fall fitness challenges: To keep motivation high during the season change, pose a new challenge! Get creative and use incentives for your clients to stay engaged and adhered to their fitness program. Utilize the Trainerize group feature to include all of your clients and post daily workouts right to the group!

Pivoting nutrition in fall

Ah, yes… it’s finally pumpkin spice EVERYTHING season. Coffees, lattes, treats, recipes, you name it… it’s everywhere! This is a great time to jump on the fall recipe train! Why not give your clients a reason to stick with their healthy nutrition routine?

  • Create fall friendly recipes: Share your personal healthy faves or find a few on the internet to incorporate in your client’s meal plans to shake things up a bit. Personally, my clients get a fall recipe pack full of healthy chilis, soups, and treats they can feel good about making and eating without ruining their nutrition coaching regimen.
  • Send your clients a “This not That” treat list: There’s always a healthier alternative for pumpkin spice muffins and cookies that you can find online and send right to your clients! Pro tip: search Pinterest for alternatives.
  • Adjust their nutrition plans: Adapt accordingly so they can still enjoy fall seasonal treats while still being mindful of their nutritional targets.

Tweaking habits for fall

The sun goes down sooner and the air becomes cooler, faster. This is the ‘perfect storm’ for cozy fall vibes, which sometimes means client motivation will decrease. Use the habits feature in Trainerize to give your clients the motivation they need continue their routines with added accountability:

  • Include a habit timeframe for workout completion: For instance, insert a habit such as, “Complete workout before 8pm’”into your client’s calendar to help add structure to their program.
  • Add a nutrition-focused habit: Extend their custom nutrition program or provide a standalone daily habit that focuses on food choices. For example, “Limit sweets on weekends” or “Choose low fat coffee.”
  • Get creative: Adapt daily habits on your client’s calendar to help overall program compliance and adherence to the fall season.

As trainers, it’s our duty to provide a balance within your client’s prescribed lifestyle of healthy living! You want them to be health while also allowing them some wiggle room to enjoy their lives, even when it comes to fall health routines. This will only help them stick with their routines more efficiently while also increasing the retention of that client’s revenue to you and your fitness business! Being aware of the seasonal impacts on your clients’ busy lives will help them feel seen, understood, and ultimately, more supported in their health journeys.

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