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Full-Body Circuit Workout: An Example and the Benefits

As a personal trainer, you already know that circuit training is, but here’s a quick reminder! A circuit workout involves a consecutive series of exercises that are performed with short rest periods between them. 

Circuits usually include 5-10 exercises that alternate muscle groups. These exercises usually involve either a set number of repetitions or working out for a prescribed amount of time.

With limited rest periods, circuit training workouts can help build strength and cardio, leading to muscle growth and fat loss.

Trainers often incorporate circuit workouts into small group training sessions, because they’re fast-paced and include a lot of variety—in other words, clients tend to love them! 

It’s easy to see why.

The benefits of circuit training

Full body circuit training offers several benefits to both the bodies and minds of your clients. Yes, they’ll feel tired after a tough workout — but the true end result leaves them feeling great physically and mentally.

There are tons of benefits to doing circuit training, these are some of the most important:

A full-body workout

Circuit training means clients won’t have to split workouts throughout the week to target specific muscle groups. The variety involved with circuit workouts means that leg day, arm day, shoulders days can all be rolled into one!

Improved strength

Regardless of your client’s fitness goals, it’s important for them to maintain and grow their muscular strength. Depending on the exercises you build into their circuit training, they will be able to build stronger and larger muscles.

Improved cardiovascular health

When you combine resistance training and cardio exercises you elevate your client’s heart rate and improve their muscular endurance. Circuits that include aerobic exercises such as skipping rope, burpees or jogging on the spot are a sure way to increase blood circulation and get their heart rate up! This leads to weight loss, better sleep, reduced risk of illness, and so much more.

Timing and flexibility

A huge benefit of circuit training is that it can be done pretty much anywhere. Your clients can participate in a group or by themselves at your gym, or they can do their workout at home. A full circuit can be built with bodyweight exercises (squats, push-ups, lunges, etc.) — so they don’t need to buy any equipment. For busy clients, they know they will be in and out in a set amount of time — encouraging them to make time to exercise in their schedules.

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Unbeatable variety:

Most trainers call the different exercises in circuit workouts stations. You can change the exercise at each station at any time — and you have essentially an unlimited number of exercises to choose from. Plus, these workouts are designed for clients to move quickly from one exercise to the next. This means they’re not predictable, not monotonous and never boring! A full body circuit workout provides trainers with the opportunity to create a fun yet challenging environment.

Mood boosting:

Like with most exercise, a full body circuit workout can help lift the mood of your clients — especially if it’s done in a group setting. When you combine the mental health benefits of both cardio and strength training with the feeling of comradery and accomplishment, clients can feel a real boost!

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Full-body circuit workout

This full body circuit workout has been designed to include no equipment, meaning your clients can do it at home, on the beach, in the park, or wherever they’re most comfortable. There are 6 stations, all featuring a well-known, non-complicated exercise.

If your client is new to working out, we recommend they try this workout once to see how it feels. If they feel like there’s more left in the tank, try it a second time.

For those with a good level of fitness, we recommend doing this workout three times through — and a fourth if they find it too easy! 

  • Station #1: 1 minute plank (20 second rest)
    Begin by giving the arms a challenge and working on strengthening the core.
  • Station #2: 15 burpees (20 second rest)
    Yes, your client is back on their feet only to get back down again – a slightly cruel start.
  • Station #3: 20 sit-ups (20 second rest)
    Time for a quick sit down now, but no resting just yet. Now it’s time to strengthen, tighten and tone the abdominal muscles.
  • Station #4: 15 pushups (20 second rest)
    Now ask your client to drop and give their 15 finest – they’ll be glad there’s no jumping involved this time!
  • Station #5: 15 tricep dips (20 second rest)
    Tricep dips are an amazing resistance exercise for the upper body. If you’re doing online training, client’s can simply grab the nearest chair or coffee table.
  • Station #6: 1 minute wall sit (1 minute rest)
    We’re back to working the lower body at our final station. Remember, good form is crucial to getting the most out of a wall sit. Make sure your client’s feet are flat on the floor and have their knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

    …and begin again!

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Build circuit workouts for your clients using Trainerize

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These workouts are super simple to build. All you have to do is add in the desired exercises, and make sure to choose how many rounds you want for your client in this circuit.

Full-Body Circuit Workout: An Example and the Benefits

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