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I hope you can agree with me when I say that personal trainers coach more than just physical endeavours. When you coach your client throughout their fitness journeys, you training them mentally too, by shifting their mindset into a place where they believe in their self-efficacy.

Just as we coach others to use their mindset to achieve their goals, we must also use our own mindsets to increase the quality of our work—and our revenue—to grow our businesses.

It’s easy to crunch numbers and establish what weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue is needed to make your company thrive. However, it’s equally important that you believe you are able to acquire this kind of income.

These following tips are going to dive into the power of the mind. Follow along to uncover how fitness businesses can use mindset to reach higher and higher goals.

Tip #1: Establish your exact revenue goal

I recommend doing this on a monthly basis. Start small. For example, simply saying “I want to make $10,000 this month” will not create reality overnight, even if you have the highest hopes of achieving this goal. If $10,000 in monthly revenue is your goal, and you’re currently making $1,000-$3,000 monthly, you should start by slowly increasing that monthly revenue goal in realistic increments.

Just like a client might have a goal of wanting to lose 20lbs in a month, you must remind them that in order to get to that big picture goal, they must break it down into smaller increments in order to lose the 20lbs as a whole.

With the scenario listed above, I would recommend increasing your monthly revenue by an extra $1,000 per month until you achieve that $10,000. This gives your mind smaller, more achievable goals to work towards. Start with realistic goals, rather than overwhelming the mind and risking giving up on that big picture goal completely.

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Tip #2: Align your mindset with your goals

Just as pictured above, even those smaller incremental goals must be believable by your mind. We’re going to get deep here but ask yourself a few questions.

“Am I deserving of this goal?”

“Do I have the confidence in myself, my quality of work, and my work ethic?”

“Do I have the mental foundation necessary to achieve this goal?”

YOU are the biggest hurdle that stands in your way of achieving your goals. If you keep finding excuses as to why you cannot reach these goals, then it just won’t happen for you. You must believe, with ever fiber in your body, that you and your fitness business have exactly what it takes to manifest the income you desire.

Ways to do this is to self reflect. Search for your own mental blocks and barriers that might be creating a false story in your mind. That’s what will potentially block you from achieving these goals.

One example of self reflecting is starting with meditation. Five minutes a day, take the opportunity to block out the constant “noise” of the mind. Find those deep rooted barriers I previously mentioned. Consider your fears! The more you can align your mindset with the goals you truly believe you deserve, the more they will manifest into your reality.

Tip #3: Identify the difference between passion and desperation

Unfortunately, there is a fine line between growing your income through passion and growing your income through desperation. One is a very high vibrating energy, while the other is a low vibrating energy. The reason I use the term “energy” is because people can physically feel the energy you are giving off.

Similar to that of a seedy car salesman, who clearly needs to meet numbers in his books, prying and probing for sales leans towards desperation. When you’re desperate to make a sale, you’re shutting yourself off from a fulfilling career in your fitness business. You are always looking to the next sale and coming off as desperate to potential clients which sometimes actually drives them away.

Now, on the other hand, if you navigate your fitness business with pure passion, the money follows. As cliche as it sounds, the statement holds true. Your potential clients see your passion for your work with your other clients throughout their transformative journeys and they want in. They see you work passionately, from a place of love, rather than a place of money.

Come back to the reason you started training and coaching in the first place, where your passion began. Use your social media platforms to convey this message and your business will continue to climb.

Alright, now I know this article was a bit “out there” for some and not exactly a hands-on business approach to increasing your revenue, but it’s something to truly think about… literally. The more you can grow your mindset to align with your goals, the more you will see your income and profits soar.

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