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How to Repurpose Video Content: 9 Creative Ways

Curious about the many ways how you can repurpose video content? We’ve got a complete list of 9 of the best ways. 

In a world of stressed out fitness creators, be a video repurposer. You’ll grow your audience faster, and cut out the existential stress of coming up with fresh fitness content for every single social media channel.   

When you repurpose videos created for a social channel like YouTube on another platform like TikTok, you’ll get more reach for the exact same effort. Instead of racking your brain trying to create fresh exercise content for each social media platform, repurposing lets you stretch and flip the video assets you’ve already created into brand-new formats. Good news all round, right? 

If you’re still getting your bearings with video repurposing, don’t sweat it—we’ve got you. At Trainerize, we’ve worked with thousands of fitness businesses, and helped them grow on social and beyond. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of video repurposing, why it’s smart, and how to repurpose video content. Soon you’ll be ready to post your original ideas up everywhere, boost your online reach, and grow your fitness business in the process.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing involves taking pieces of content you’ve already created (such as videos) and morphing it into new formats for different social media platforms—or straight-up republishing it. It’s not the same thing as content creation, since you’re using what you already have and squeezing every little bit of value out of it. Content repurposing usually takes less effort than creating original videos from scratch, which is a major plus. 

There’s tons of tools you can use to repurpose video content—like Canva, Adobe Premiere, and Fitness companies like Nike and Peloton are great at flipping their content into new formats for each social media channel. A long video about The Untold Story of Air Max might get chopped up and reshared as a series of TikToks, plus an Instagram Story, for instance. If you’ve got it, flaunt it—and reshare it.  

Why should I repurpose my video content?

Repurposing your video content lets you tap into different parts of your target audience—’cause the TikTok girlies might like different fitness content than the Facebook aunties. Some folks only have time for short-form exercise tips, but some might want to dive deep into the nitty-gritty details about a specific exercise.

By repurposing pieces of content you’ve already created, you can reach a wider set of athletes without having to create original videos for each channel. This strategy also helps you keep up a regular posting schedule, so you’re engaging your audience all the time. And the fact that you’re sharing the same fitness content isn’t a risk at all. Most people will engage with you on one platform, so they won’t notice that you’re repurposing fitness content. Even if they do, it’s a common practice in marketing, and nobody’s going to sweat it. 

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9 strategic ways to repurpose video content

Now that we’ve ran through content repurposing 101, let’s dive into 9 ways to repurpose your video content and reach even more people with your fitness posts.

1. Turn long videos into blog posts

If it’s important enough for a 5-minute video, it’s important enough for a blog posts. Cherry-pick some key points from your videos and dive into them in-depth in a blog post. For example, you could turn a long video about stretching your back muscles into a step-by-step guide to back stretches. That wasn’t hard, was it? 

2. Create Instagram Reels

Reels are great at reeling people in, pun fully intended. Instagram Reels are one of the most popular places for consuming short-form video content, so chop up longer videos into bite-size Reels. For instance, you could edit a long video about nutrition strategies down into a 30-second Reel breaking down a recipe you talked about in the full video. Boom. 


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3. Make snippets for Google Searches 

Create short snippets from your original videos and Google might just promote you for free—provided you answer a common question like “how to do a push-up.” Keep an eye out for teaching moments in your fitness videos, and when you find one, reshare it on its own. This can help improve your online visibility and show your target audience you’re ready to support their athletic journeys.

4. Convert videos into podcasts

Podcasts are the new radio, and if you extract audio from your longer videos… that’s a whole podcast. Suppose you do regular interviews with fitness influencer that you publish as Youtube videos. All you’ve got to do is chop out the video, and you’re ready to publish regular podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and beyond.

5. Design carousel posts for social media

Create eye-catching carousel posts for platforms like Instagram and Facebook by dividing your video content into shorter segments. This gives viewers new ways to consume content about your fitness brand and get to know you.  

6. Craft engaging GIFs and memes

Listen, you probably make silly faces while working out—we all do. Turn moments from your original videos into shareable GIFs and memes that people can use as reactions online. It seems ridiculous (and it is) but that doesn’t mean it’s not strategic. GIFs get serious traction. This GIF from HBO’s Gordita Chronicles has over 12 million views on GIPHY, so don’t sleep. 

7. Develop custom infographics

Some folks are visual learners, so develop custom infographics around the key points from your video content. For example, you could translate a YouTube video about proper pull-up technique into a five-slide carousel that breaks down the same content for your Instagram audience. 

8. Create landing page videos

When people land on your website, hit them with a repurposed fitness video that shows you’re a total pro. You don’t need to shoot a brand-new landing page video—just edit highlights from your workout videos to show your approach to training. Pair it with a simple call-to-action that encourages folks to sign up and you’re set. 

Looking for an example in action? Fitness influencer Joe Wicks does a fantastic job of repurposing video content on the landing page for his fitness app. Now you know what it looks like!

9. Create YouTube Shorts and TikToks

YouTube Shorts and TikToks are a little unfamiliar for many fitness creators, but the reach they offer is massive. Uploading videos you’ve created for Instagram Reels to YouTube and TikTok is a must (assuming you’re already on Reels). Viewers there enjoy short-form videos just as much as the IG crowd, so make that bench press Reel a bench press TikTok. 

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5 tips to keep in mind when repurposing content

Content repurposing is strategic curation, not mindless reposting. Keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure you’re maintaining your quality and maxing out your engagements. .

1. Consider each platform’s technical requirements

When repurposing content for multiple platforms, double-check each platform’s technical specs, including the video length, dimensions, and format they want you to use. Matching each network’s specifications means your content will fit naturally into the feed, instead of looking shoehorned in. 

2. Maintain your branding, no matter the channel

Show up as yourself, no matter where you’re posting. Consistency in branding is vital when repurposing video content, so make sure you use the same brand colors, fonts, and tone across all formats.

3. Focus on evergreen content 

When choosing which content to repurpose, you’ll want to prioritize videos that’ll stay relevant over time. Fitness education pieces often have longer half-lives on social than split-second reaction videos, for example. That way you’re getting the most value possible out of the time you spend editing and re-editing.  

4. Track your audience’s engagement

Keep an eye on how your audience consumes content you’ve repurposed, so you know which formats and social media platforms work best. If one type of fitness content racks up serious views, you’ll know to make more of it. 

5. Focus on quality over quantity 

While video repurposers do save time, you’ve got to keep your quality up. During production, make sure each piece of repurposed content is polished, interesting, and actually useful, even if it means producing slightly fewer pieces of content than you would otherwise. 

So, what’s next? 

Once you’ve hooked new clients with all that video content you’re repurposing, you’ll need a one-stop platform for delivering your fitness services. Look no further, ‘cause it’s Trainerize. Whether you’re running a fitness franchise or juggling a roster of coaching clients, we’ll arm you with all the tools you’ll need to run your business. 

Through our bone-simple dashboard, you’ll be able to create training appointments, send out marketing emails, and deliver stand-out services like custom meal plans to your clients. You’ll have a happy clientele, less administrative chaos, and a personal training business you can scale. Happy posting, friends. 

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