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As a trainer, I’m sure you’ve heard the following phrases more times than you can count:

“Find your niche”
“Find your target demographic”

Both niche and target demographic can be used interchangeably. They’re generally used to underline the specific audience you want to assist. In turn, you’re likely gearing your services, education, and branding to appeal to that audience. It makes sense! Tailoring your message to the “right” type of person will make your marketing more effective.

While yes, it’s important to advertise to your specific target demographic, it’s also important to be inclusive with your marketing and services. Niche down, yes, but exclude potential customers? No. Broadening your appeal will only help your revenue and overall sales.

Audit your keywords

I want you to go through your social media platforms, your website, and any other platforms your audience and potential customers see. Make note of the keywords and hashtags you are using. Maybe one is weight loss! Write at least 3 of the keywords you are using throughout these platforms.

A way to broaden your marketing is to think about other common words you might use. Maybe something like increased energy? This is easily related to weight loss. It’s a different approach… but still the same end goal.

This process is a keyword strategy. By using additional keywords that align with your bigger services, your audience is more likely to find you—and can narrow their own search.

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Consider the umbrella approach

Another strategy to expand your current target demographic is to put your audience into an “umbrella” category. For instance, if your target audience is brides who want to lose weight for their wedding, why not expand that demographic to perhaps include all women who want to lose weight for a big event?

Many women start training for a big goal for an event that is coming up in the near future. You can apply your expertise for brides to other similar clients, so why not cast the net a little wider? If you are only training for the bride-to-be, you are missing out on other potential clients and potential sales that would align perfectly with your target audience. You can continue to use the same methods of training, transformation portfolios, and more. You are simply adding more inclusivity to your marketing, and in turn, to your overall revenue.

Again, the more people you can include in your target demographic, the more your sales will increase. This does not mean including a completely opposite population to your target audience. Rather, think outside the box and brainstorm ways you can expand your target audience in hopes of reaching more potential customers and potential sales.

Continue to increase your inclusivity in your brand while also refining your target audience. This will also help you stand out from your competitors while providing a very unique element to your brand.

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