Business ManagementStudio and Club Operations MINDBODY x Trainerize: How to Use This Perfect Pair In Your Business

If you’re a studio owner, you probably use MINDBODY to schedule classes and manage registrations and signups. But if you offer more than just group workouts or in-person services, you probably also use Trainerize.

We get it—you want and need both platforms! That’s why we joined forces with MINDBODY to seamlessly link these two parts of your fitness business.

Together, we’re enabling entrepreneurs like you to deliver fitness and health packages to your members in a seamless digital solution. This product integration creates the opportunity for brick-and-mortar health facility owners to unify their sales channels, culminating in greater online sales and revenue.

If you’re a studio owner or gym owner, this article is for you. Here’s how you can adopt this useful integration for your business.

How to access the Trainerize x MINDBODY integration

Within the Trainerize ecosystem, the integrated offering is available for Studio Max, Studio Plus, and Enterprise account holders. Learn more about these Trainerize plans.

If you’re not a Studio or Enterprise account holder on Trainerize, you can upgrade to gain access to the MINDBODY integration. A powerful benefit of upgrading to either of these plans is that you will receive your own Custom Branded App for iOS and Android mobile devices and a custom-branded version of the Apple Watch App!

Extend your digital offering with Trainerize x MINDBODY

1. Adding video sessions to your packages in a tier-based approach. For example, a basic membership at your gym may include just one nutrition coaching session per month, whereas a premium membership may include four such sessions, paired with a habit coaching session, too. This will allow you to charge extra for a premium membership, filling it up with tangible benefits that create the perfect opportunity to upsell to clients.

2. Automated digital program delivery. Whenever a new MINDBODY contract is connected to a specific program in Trainerize, your clients will receive instant delivery of on-demand and video coaching programs, making the process seamless and smooth.

3. Automated client imports. When new contracts are sold, Trainerize automatically imports and assigns app access based on the member’s specific purchase.

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Syncing MINDBODY Appointments to Trainerize

Mindbody Appointment Sync Pop-up

When you use the new MINDBODY x Trainerize product integration, MINDBODY appointments will automatically allow you to include a video call through Trainerize’s live video call sessions, enabling you to offer the following online video services:

1-on-1 Live Coaching Sessions
…where your trainers/coaches can coach clients on the best nutrition practices, lifestyle habits, and much, much more. The push of motivation provided by a trainer on a live session adds an unparalleled personal touch—something clients will take note of.

1-on-1 Live Personal Training Sessions
…where, without the need for any external software like Google Meet or Zoom for video calls, your trainers can train clients, using video in real-time, directly through the Trainerize app.

1-on-1 Video Consultations
…where your gym/studio members will see their consultation appointments directly in their Trainerize calendars. These consultations can be based on nutrition optimization, habit making, lifestyle choices, or any other service your gym/studio offers, giving your clients immediate access to high-quality virtual and personalized interactions, regardless of their physical location.

How to set up the Trainerize x MINDBODY integration

Here’s a quick run-through of how you can set up the integration. It’s easy, intuitive, and once it’s in place for your business, most operations will be set on cruise control.

✏️ Note: you’ll need to have a MINDBODY account first!

1. On the web application, click on Add-ons > Integrations > MINDBODY > Connect.

2. Type in your MINDBODY ID > Locate Business > Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize the connection between Trainerize and MINDBODY.

3. Click on “Go to MINDBODY,” which will ask you to fill in your login credentials in a new tab or window.

4. After you’ve logged into your MINDBODY account on the MINDBODY site, you’ll receive a prompt informing you that the connection was successful.

5. Next, you’ll need to sync your MINDBODY locations with your Trainerize locations. With the on-screen prompts, click “Next,” and then “Next” again.

6. You’ll need to choose the location that you want to sync to Trainerize.
Heads up! You need to sync the same number of MINDBODY locations as the number of Trainerize locations you have. For instance, if you have 6 locations in MINDBODY but 3 locations in Trainerize, you can only sync 3 MINDBODY locations in Trainerize. The exception to this rule is the Online Store location that might appear on your MINDBODY locations list. You will be able to map your MINDBODY Online Store location to any of your Trainerize locations free of charge.

7. Once you’ve mapped your MINDBODY locations to your Trainerize locations, click “Save.”

8. Now, you will have the option to activate “Membership Control.” Turning this feature on automatically deactivates clients when their contracts expire. You can learn more about the Membership Control feature here. You can choose to skip this option in the initial setup.

9. The final step involves syncing your MINDBODY appointments to Trainerize. Although you can skip this step in the initial setup, if you choose to sync your appointments by clicking “Next,” you will be prompted through these steps. You will also be prompted to sync your contracts after syncing your appointments. If you do not sync your appointments during the initial setup, you won’t be prompted to sync your contracts. But you can always go back into your Trainerize account, click on Add-ons > Integrations > MINDBODY, and work your way through the process.

That’s it! You’re ready to refine and streamline the bookings you offer, radically simplify and speed up your admin tasks, and save a lot of precious time.

Welcome to the new Trainerize x MINDBODY integration! Let us know how it’s helping your business.

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