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VANCOUVER, BC – March 1, 2021 – Fitness studios can now extend their studio experience online with a new expanded partnership between Mindbody and Trainerize. 

Previously, ecommerce and in-studio sales were separate. With this product integration with Trainerize, Mindbody businesses can unify their sales channels, and ultimately sell more online services.

Point-of-sale client imports: When new contracts are sold, Trainerize automatically imports the member and assigns app access according to the member’s specific purchase.

Automated digital program delivery: By connecting a Mindbody contract to a specific program in Trainerize, the sales process is seamless and members receive instant digital delivery of on-demand and video coaching programs.

Sync appointments: Gyms and studios can now create motivating appointment-based virtual offerings through recurring memberships.

Mindbody businesses can provide premium-tier online services to their valued members. This seamless sales funnel will reveal new revenue streams for studios, while providing members with better access to their favorite trainers, teachers, and classes. 

Paula Bartis, Director of Marketing at Trainerize, says that the partnership will help studios maintain revenue during the pandemic and set them up for long-term success. 

“This native integration completely changes the way studios connect with their members. It’s no longer about members just showing up for a few hours each week at the gym. Imagine members seeing their next coaching session in their calendar and having the option to join from home on their smartphones. That studio now exists far beyond its four walls, providing a hybrid experience for members that keeps them connected 24/7, 365 days a year.”

“This partnership is all about empowering studios to keep up with the evolving needs of members—which, today, means going beyond their brick-and-mortar and offering access to online services and digital fitness solutions,” says Jaimie Fucillo, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Mindbody.

Thanks to a streamlined member setup process and instant digital service delivery, studios can focus on delivering premium digital content. Mindbody businesses are well-positioned for a future of hybrid fitness programs—with hyper-engaged communities, both in-person and online. 

About Trainerize

Trainerize is a client engagement app that allows fitness businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical spaces, better connect with clientele, and digitize the training experience. Fitness businesses use Trainerize to build meaningful relationships through digital services as well as attracting new members by tapping into the market of online training. Learn more about Trainerize.

About Mindbody

Mindbody is the leading experience technology platform for the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. Fitness studios, salons, spas, and integrated health centers—from the newest entrepreneurs to the largest franchises—use Mindbody’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market, and grow their businesses. Learn more about MindBody.

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