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I would say it’s safe to say that most personal trainers enjoy their job of “pushing people” for a living and helping people from all over the world improve their health and fitness level, right?

Yes, this is true, but if you are a personal training or online training business owner you understand there is a lot more to it than just boosting motivation.

Outsource to Help Build Your Online Training Business and Brand Awareness

What about building and running a successful business? What about SEO? Continuing education? What about handling customer service and all the trainers you have working for you? What about building other revenue streams? Online training? Marketing? Social media?

I could go on forever…

Moral of the story is doing the actual “training” is about 25% or less of the actual “job” of a fitness business owner.

When do we find time to do all of this? I guarantee the one complaint of most trainers would be that they feel like they are spreading themselves to thin. Up early in the morning and not home until late at night 5-6 days per week. That is just training clients in the gym, what about if you are running a business too and doing online training? When do you find time to do this?

One thing I read a while back that is still engraved in my memory is “Don’t spend so much time working IN your business that you don’t have time working ON your business”. This statement stayed with me and I can now say I am running a successful training business while still having time to work ON my business.

How did I do it? OUTSOURCING!

My specialty is fitness, it’s what I have a degree in and what I do each day and continue to learn about because I love it. My specialty is not website SEO, marketing, social media marketing, email marketing etc.

After outsourcing certain tasks, I was able to spend more time creating better quality videos for my Trainerize app, be more active on social media to help advertise my online training, and spend more time with current online training clients to improve their experience training with me.

If you are having trouble building your online personal training business because you don’t have enough time to build it,  this is when you should look at all the tasks you can outsource to professionals. This way you’ll let them take care of things and stay focused on building training plans and deliver meal plans for your clients.

Their are many websites where you can hire professionals for a reasonable price (Fiverr, Upwork, Guru), just be sure to check past work and past results before hiring any of them. You can have these people working on your website Google ranking, search engine optimization, or perhaps improving your website to look more appealing to those looking for online personal training, while you are in the gym training clients.

Something to think about! Take a look at your daily tasks or to do list and think about what you could possibly outsource to a professional to help you free up some time to build your business and make more money!

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