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Last week, we launched our new online trainer personal trainer platform,–where Trainers go to get listed in an online  directory and connect with potential clients, and consumers go to search for their ideal personal trainer.

Press Coverage for

We received some wonderful press coverage from a number of different publications over the past few days–so we wanted to show our appreciation for them, and share them with you.

Fitness Magazine

Samantha Lefave, Associate Web Editor for Fitness Magazine, wrote the most interesting article of all, where she compares to Tinder! We agree that finding the right personal trainer can be tough, that’s why we’ve tried to make it easy for consumers–through our powerful profile matching algorithm and location-based search functionality–to find their match with a trainer.


DIGITAL TRENDSDigital Trends’ Lulu Chang went so far as to day that you can get matched with your fitness soulmate on! We never would have thought of it that way, but just like dating, your fitness is a pretty big commitment, so we’ll go with it!

The Active Times

Nicole Dossantos, Editor of The Active Times, wrote a piece that also compares to a dating app, in that it will help you find your perfect match in a personal trainer.


Yahoo! Tech picked up the article that Digital Trends ran, by Lulu Chang, on getting matched with your fitness soulmate with

Thank you to all of the authors and publications that picked up our story and shared it with your audiences! We hope you also find your perfect match, or soulmate in fitness.

If you’re looking for the right match in a personal trainer, check out the trainers listed on If you’re a personal trainer, sign up to get listed today.

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