Business GrowthSales and Marketing QUIZ: Which Introductory Offer Should You Use For Your Fitness Business?

QUIZ: Which Introductory Offer Should You Use For Your Fitness Business?

Summer’s well underway and the pressure is on to add more personal training clients to your fitness business. To help you do just that, we partnered with MINDBODY to teach fitness professionals all about welcome offers they can use to seal the deal and land new clients.

Take the quiz on MINDBODY’s blog to find your business profile, then come back here to learn about the welcome offer to match!

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Mostly A’s: Special Discount Offer

With a business as fresh and new as yours, why not use a special discount to entice new clients and start building up your membership?

Using traditional marketing and sales approaches can be a challenge when you’re just getting started, mainly because your business doesn’t have any social proof to back it up (things like client testimonials or referrals, business stats, and success stories).

But that’s what makes a special discount a great option! Potential clients are more likely to overlook the fact that you’re a new business and give your services a shot if they feel like they’re getting a really great deal—plus they can help edge out your competitors if your potential clients are shopping around.

The type of discount you offer is up to you (and there are plenty of great resources out there to help you choose the discount model that’s right for your business), but rule #1 of using discounts is to strike a careful balance: make the discount too small and you’ll have a hard time exciting potential clients enough to purchase your services; make the discount too big and you may wind up cutting your revenues too deep.

It’s all about the discount sweet spot: the line between an offer so good a potential client can’t refuse, and an offer so good that’s going to break the bank for your business. When you find it, you’ll know.


Mostly B’s: Free Consultation

It sounds like your business is no longer the new kid on the block, and that means it’s time to shake things up and use some fresh marketing tactics to bring in new clients or members: like offering a free initial consultation.

Free consultations are a great way to get new business because it lets potential clients and members see the real value of your services and connect with your brand directly without requiring them to shell out first. At the same time, a free consultation is targeted enough to bring in individuals truly interested in your services—not just those looking for a free ride.

This is especially true if your business is one that offers appointments as part of its services, or if you offer a range of services that could benefit from being talked through in a face-to-face meeting with a potential client. Your potential clients will be happy to get some personalized attention—for free no less—and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to show them exactly what your business is all about.


Mostly C’s: Elite Membership

You’ve clearly started to make your mark in the industry and are building a strong brand and following. Now’s the time to develop an “elite” offering for your most loyal and long-standing clients and members, then use that elite offering as a welcome offer to entice new customers.

What exactly is an “elite” offering? It’s a special set of perks available for an additional price. This could be towel rental at your studio, early access to class sign-ups, first-access to new classes, free personal training sessions, bring a friend passes, or anything else you like. How your clients and members earn elite status is also up to you. For your long-standing customers, you’ll likely want to assign it based on activity or purchase history, while for your new clients, you can use it as a “bonus” to seal the deal and make new clients feel like they’re getting more for their money. Think “Sign up now and get elite status perks for your first 6 months!”

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