Champion Method: How Two Brothers Combined their Passions for Fitness and Religion to Fill a Global Niche

As we continue to power through the pandemic, the fitness industry’s role in keeping communities physically and mentally healthy has never been more important. As the founders of Champion Method, an online training and nutrition coaching company, brothers Muhammed and Imad Qandil have embraced a holistic approach to health that also incorporates spiritual wellness.

Muhammed and Imad are on a mission to help people unlock their true potential through a mix of fitness and religious teachings, something they are both extremely passionate about. “Our dream is to help change people’s lives for the better. The goal is to challenge our members every day a little bit mentally, physically, and spiritually, which ultimately leads them to their transformation.”

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Brothers Muhammed and Imad brought their faith to fitness.

We chatted with Muhammed to find out how he and his brother have built a global community from the ground up by pursuing their passions, marketing through their clients and improving efficiency with the Trainerize app.

Find Where You Fit

Champion Method provides members with personalized 90-day transformation calendars, and access to a huge library of online workouts and nutrition videos—all for just $5/month. Muhammed and Imad decided on an affordable price point in order to ensure the program was accessible to those who need it most. “We were never in this for the money…I care about doing what I love.”

Muhammed and Imad are both Muslim, and founded the company with the goal of tying their religious teachings to training goals. Without realizing it, they had inadvertently filled an untapped niche of English-speaking Muslims who wanted to incorporate religion into their training, and were able to access a global market. “Any trainer who’s trying to be successful with their business, they need to have a niche,” says Muhammed. “The niche should not be tailored for what the market needs; the niche should be tailored for what they love.”

Muhammed links the success of his program to his ability to build a career based on his interests. “For me, I love, love, love talking about religion and fitness…and that’s the reason I’m able to put in all these hours, every day, every week, every month every year. I’m doing this because I love it, and I don’t feel like it’s work at all.”

Owning a fitness business comes with many challenges, but Muhammed is proof that when you combine passion and hard work, success will follow.

Start Strong and Adapt When Necessary

When Muhammed first started training clients, he was thrilled at the transformations he saw. He made sure to take before and after photos, and saved positive testimonials for future use. “As a trainer, your clients are your word of mouth, so you have to invest in their success.”

Before Trainerize, Muhammed was monitoring his clients’ progress and transformations through text messages, which quickly became unmanageable. “I was trying to create and manage portfolios of each client, I couldn’t use so hard to keep track of everyone’s results” he says. “My camera roll was just packed.”

Progress tracking features included in the Trainerize app helped Muhammed organize his success stories, which he was then able to use for marketing purposes. “[Trainerize] has the option for pictures and account details, [client] calendars… there’s nothing I would want to change. It’s a beautiful app.”

With Trainerize, trainers can collect body stats and progress photos, set fitness targets, and monitor personal bests to ensure a seamless client experience.

Be Social Media Savvy

Muhammed built Champion Method community around personal transformations. Members support his marketing efforts by sharing their journeys—Muhammed just highlights their successes.

After starting Champion Method in 2014, Muhammed mainly relied on word of mouth and referrals from his many success stories. Muhammed generated most of his leads through his Facebook network and cold-calling, which helped the company garner hundreds of clients.

He was also careful to cultivate a sense of community with his clients, and focused on incorporating their feedback into the program. “Any time someone left, I would call them and ask, hey, why did you leave?” Muhammed says. “And I was going to fix that problem, and keep doing that to make sure the program is getting better and better.”

When the pandemic hit in 2020, and face-to-face interactions decreased dramatically around the world, Muhammed began actively marketing on Facebook. He also began utilizing Facebook ads, and has seen his clientele expand significantly. “We’ve started advertising on Facebook and it’s been going really well, and I think that’s because I had that initial focus on continually improving the program.”

Find the Right Tech

As Muhammed’s customer base continued to grow, he realized he needed to utilize software that would allow him to focus the majority of his attention and time on clients. “I’m always available to answer questions from members, and I also offer hour-long private video coaching sessions.”

This focus on individual guidance requires the automation of administrative tasks. To help grow his following while keeping loyal customers engaged, Muhammed turned to Trainerize. “It’s very, very organized,” he says.

Muhammed is also a huge fan of the app’s design and features. “I mean honestly, if I were to build an app myself, it would look just like this, with all of the integrations, it’s just an amazing tool.”

Using Trainerize has freed up some time for Muhammed to focus on his clients, grow his business, and explore his own fitness goals. He’s even training for the Fittest Man on Earth competition—which would be great marketing for Champion Method!

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