Discover How PT x PT Doubled Their Personal Training Clients Using Trainerize

Patrick Thompson - Head Trainer at Anytime Fitness Peoria

Personal Training by Patrick Thompson (PT x PT) at Anytime Fitness Peoria offers a premier personal training service.

Patrick Thompson runs a one-on-one personal training business through Anytime Fitness Peoria called Personal Training by Patrick Thompson (PT x PT). He is located in Central Illinois.

Despite having a smaller market, Patrick is able to work with 70 clients. Aside from in-person training, he has about 10 online clients who have been training with him for around a year now.

Patrick Thompson PT x PT - Trainerize

Patrick started using Trainerize after learning about it through Jonathan Goodman and The Personal Development Training Center. He started out with the 30-day trial, and immediately knew it would elevate his business. So far, Patrick has more than doubled his clientele since he started using Trainerize.

So far, Patrick has more than doubled his clientele since he started using Trainerize.

What does Trainerize do for you?

PT x PT training clients using TrainerizePatrick says, “Trainerize allows me to create and edit programs with ease. Whether I am on my computer or mobile device, I can create and edit programs for any client of mine. Trainerize also helps me run a business that I anticipate to keep growing.”

When we asked Patrick about how he manages payments, he responded: “Trainerize is my main source for programming and communication with clients. For my online clients, I simply use PayPal and send an invoice when needed. This works well for the client and I. With anything in life or business, communication is key to success. So I will message clients via cell or the Trainerize app. Whichever works best for the specific client, I do. Everyone is different.”

PT x PT trains clients using Trainerize

What type of results have you seen since using Trainerize?

“When I was using Google Spreadsheets, I was training around 25 to 35 clients. I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up. With my education from Monmouth College, I was taught that programming is crucial to success in personal training. So I had to find an alternative for my clients and myself. I found Trainerize through The PTDC and now I currently have 71 clients. My goal for 2016 is to get closer to 100 clients. Overall, my clients love Trainerize and it helps making reaching their fitness goals a bit easier!”

That’s Approximately a 137% Increase in # of Clients!

What do you love about Trainerize?

“I am able to help my clients from anywhere in the world! I have traveled to Minnesota, Nevada, and New York since using Trainerize. I cannot express my gratitude enough to how much Trainerize has helped grow my business. This system does not only help me as a trainer, it helps my clients… a lot!”

PT x PT training clients using Trainerize

What do your clients say about the tools you use?

“Because I do enough planning with school, I’m glad Pat has made my workout plans since February.. Even if I slacked some this summer, he still worked with me”.
“PT x PT workout plan for me is great. Having one of Pat’s set plans encourages me to workout and want to. I never wanted to workout because I didn’t have a plan. Thanks to Pat, I have one of his plans every month. His online plan gives me the opportunity to fit my workouts into my busy college schedule too”.
“Best personal trainer around! He takes the time to really understand your fitness goals and truly wants you to succeed. It is more than just meeting once or twice a week to work out. He takes the time to set each of his clients up with a fitness program, not just a couple of routines. I travel a ton for work and he gave me workouts that could be tailored to minimal gym equipment or beefed up when I have a full gym available”.

Do you have any tips for other trainers trying to grow their business with online training?

Patrick says that he uses uses social media and word of mouth for his online marketing, and lets his efforts and the results of his clients speak for themselves.

“I truly love helping people reach his or her fitness goals, and once people notice that, people will take the step to start doing one-one-one or online training,” Patrick says.

Would you recommend personal training software?

“I would recommend doing the free trial of Trainerize first. That way, you and your clients can get the feel of the system and you will have more than enough time to make a commitment financially. However, you will not think twice once you try this system out!”

Are you Interested in doubling the number of your online personal training clients like Patrick did?

Sign up for a free trial of Trainerize, or if you run a gym or fitness studio, request a one-on-one demo of our software.