Discover How PT x PT Doubled Their Personal Training Clients Using Trainerize

Patrick Thompson - Head Trainer at Anytime Fitness Peoria

Personal Training by Patrick Thompson (PT x PT) at Anytime Fitness Peoria offers a premier personal training service.

Patrick Thompson runs a one-on-one personal training business through Anytime Fitness Peoria called Personal Training by Patrick Thompson (PT x PT). He is located in Central Illinois.

Despite having a smaller market, Patrick is able to work with 70 clients. Aside from in-person training, he has about 10 online clients who have been training with him for around a year now.

Patrick says, “Trainerize allows me to create and edit programs with ease. Whether I am on my computer or mobile device, I can create and edit programs for any client of mine. Trainerize also helps me run a business that I anticipate to keep growing.”

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