Family Values Keep GFT SPORT Crushing Goals

Take a look at GFT SPORT’s Instagram feed, and you might think the gym specializes in fitness competition training. But in fact, at GFT, it’s not just about perfecting bodies—it’s about coaching clients to tackle obstacles, reach goals, and enrich their lifestyles. Located in Baytown, Texas, just outside of Houston, GFT SPORT provides an array of services. Both online and in-person training, as well as nutrition guidance, competition coaching, and bootcamp sessions. But their real strength is their exceptional team of coaches.

“Our team, they’re all my family,” says Vincent Charles Grant II. “We’re in love with what we do.” Vincent, or Coach V as he’s known on GFT’s social media channels, is the head coach at GFT SPORT, and he’s passionate about health and fitness. When you talk to him, it’s immediately clear how much he loves his clients and his team. 

“If clients can’t see the passion of their coaches, what you do will die out.”

“To be part of the GFT team, coaches have to be willing to learn. I keep my team learningcontinuously learning,” explains VIncent. In turn, his coaches do the same for their clients. Keeping with the commitment to continuous improvement, Vincent prioritizes his team’s growth and development as much as that of the clients. This energy is the key to his business’s success. “If clients can’t see the passion of their coaches, what you do will die out. Our clients can tell what kind of passion we have,” says Vincent. (It’s trueone phone call with Vincent and we’re sold.

Why Trainerize?


“Communication’s the biggest thing,” says Vincent, and Trainerize provides him and his team with the tools they need. “It’s good to send your clients messages from time to time to tell them how great of a job they’re doing,” he explains. “Not just when they’re struggling! Sometimes you’ve got to send those random messages.” Vincent says he’s a bit superstitious about it, and ensures he sends weekly check-ins to all of his clients. He also uses the app to manage communications for his bootcamp programs. “If you don’t communicate with your clients, they won’t stay accountable, they won’t stay driven, and they won’t stay [training] with you for long.”


Trainerize plays a key role in keeping clients engaged, says Vincent. “Retention is a big thing, we saw huge improvement after setting up Trainerize.” And that’s on top of the boost of new clients they sawa 60% growth!after the initial implementation of the app’s online training capabilities at GFT SPORT. “Some of our clients have transitioned to online or moved away, and we’ve been able to retain them,” he says. Automated reminders sent to clients through the app are especially helpful at keeping his clients coming back. “Trainerize is perfect for that,” says Vincent.

Client delight

“A few trainers from my old gym used Trainerize, and I’d seen it in use quite a few times. I’d heard some good things so I decided to give it a try,” says Vincent. Today, Trainerize is used for about half of GFT’s 100 clients, and Vincent and his team plan to implement more uses, including for in-person clients. “It’s an all-around app for clientsevery component, from their food, activity, progress, trainingthey can see it all on their app.” Vincent says clients especially like using the app to host their progress photos. “Some clients are bashful, they don’t want those photos in texts or emails. The style of the app makes the clients feel comfortable having their photos stored.” 

For Vincent, following fitness trends is part of the job. “Bodybuilding’s a big thing right noweveryone wants to be in a fitness competition, and we also have memberships and training at our gym, and then bootcamps at several locations around town locations.” But one thing that doesn’t change is his team’s approach to coaching. “[GFT SPORT’s] about the passion, showcasing results, and proving to yourself that you can do it.”