From Pararescueman to Fitness Entrepreneur: How Trainerize Helped Brian Silva Make the Jump

Meet Brian Silva. The former United States Airforce Pararescueman (PJ), PJ Team Leader, and Pararescue Indoctrination Instructor Supervisor runs his own training business, Be a PJ, that specifically trains individuals for this highly specialized and extremely demanding career.

Launching Be a PJ in November 2017 (and creating the brand’s Instagram account just a few months prior), Brian has already secured a comfortable position as one of Trainerize’s top performing trainers (based on sales made through Trainerize Pay). With over 10,000 Instagramfollowers and another few thousand on Facebook and Youtube, Brian is a prime example of how passion and hard work can build something incredible—and in less than a year. In this case study, we will explore what Brian does, why it works, and how Trainerize helps.

With over 10,000 Instagram followers and another few thousand on Facebook and Youtube, Brian is a prime example of how passion and hard work can build something incredible

For Brian, back in the early aughts, he felt like he needed a purpose in his life. His clients need that too. “They’re looking for a purpose in their life, and they’re not finding it in other jobs out there. That’s what I found for myself, [when I enlisted in the US Air Force] and I wanted to share that.”

Being a leading expert in the field, Brian realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to provide information, training, and education to prospective PJs. There aren’t many career resources available for this niche of the U.S. air force, so Brian does double duty – not only does he facilitate the physical training for PJ hopefuls, but he also provides guidance on the PJ indoctrination program and insight into the career opportunities for those lucky few PJs that make it. And with his thorough knowledge and customized physical training programs (aided by the Trainerize app!), Brian hopes to help his clients reach their goals… if not with ease, then with a bit more ease than they otherwise would have done.His mission? The Be A PJ website says it best: “BE A PJ™ is laser-focused to prepare the minds and bodies of prospective trainees and instill the virtues necessary to graduate PJ /CRO indoctrination through targeted workout programs.”

Why Trainerize?

Save time

For someone as busy as Brian, time is valuable. Between his education (he’s currently completing a Master of Physician Assistant Studies), his family (a wife, two kids, and two dogs), remaining on USAF Active Duty, and a thriving business, Brian can’t spend all day sitting at a computer. He credits Trainerize with saving him time, from automating client payments to allowing for scheduling check-ins. Since clients love the video elements, but Brian can’t create custom videos for every individual movement, he supplements using videos from the Trainerize library. “I use about half Trainerize videos—the basics were all covered by Trainerize—but no one else does what I do, so the rest need a certain level of customization,” says Brian.

Aid communication

With the Air Force being such a challenging career path, both mentally and physically, it was essential to Brian to have full communication capabilities in the app he chose for his training. “I didn’t want [clients] to have poor training or poor communication… I shopped around for different apps and chose Trainerize because of the video embedding for each workout and the way the programs look in the app,” says Brian. “I definitely wanted the people using my products to have the best opportunity to get a feel for what the exercises look like.”

Build a connection

Brian identifies relationships with his clients as one of the reasons his business has been such a success. “I want them to know me, know I’m a real person, and that I can help,” he says. Between the Trainerize app and his social media communities, Brian can maintain personalized relationships with his clients, including those outside San Antonio or even outside the United States. “It’s not a traditional type of trainer relationship, but there’s still a personal connection there.”

Ultimately, through Trainerize and his training programs, Brian hopes to impart enough knowledge that his clients are prepared for their many physical tests – and ideally have an easier time getting into the PJ program. Using Trainerize to facilitate this program makes it easier.  “I’m not a sales guy or a business guy… I’m just trying to offer the best services. I want to provide the maximum value that I can,” says Brian. Spoken like a true PJ.