How a Custom Branded App Helped Train 4 Your Best Thrive in 2020

It’s 2021—fitness and tech go hand in hand. First, because technology is built into every aspect of our lives, and second, because distanced fitness solutions became a necessity this year. The fit tech growth trend was already well underway prior to the pandemic, but for many, this year presented an opportunity to move online to better support clients during a tough time.

As a Body Coach at Train 4 Your Best, Alex Tarras knows how important fitness is to ensuring health and happiness. “If you want to be on top of your game, whether that’s on the field or in the office, you have to take care of your body.”

When the pandemic hit, Train 4 Your Best quickly reached out to Trainerize for help developing and launching a custom branded app—a feature that’s included in all Studio plans. We sat down with Alex to find out how an app is helping Train 4 Your Best improve the customer experience, increase engagement and grow their brand—all during the age of social-distancing.

Personalize Your Product

Train 4 Your Best is a sports performance gym dedicated to helping people realize their full potential. Using a highly-personal technique, the Train 4 Your Best team assesses each client, exposing and eliminating any weak points in their body, in order to develop and enhance athletes and clients at every level. Alex and Joe Tofferi (the founder of Train 4 Your Best) work with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, including professional athletes, college athletes, corporate clients, and individuals looking to improve their movement or speed up injury recovery.

As Alex notes, personalized approaches are one of the most crucial keys to success when interacting with clients who have drastically different goals. “We work hard with our clients to really connect with them on a personal level, so that they understand that they’re not just a number or just another session to us. We really want to improve their quality of life.”

When Joe and Alex first began considering a mobile app, their primary goals were to improve the customer experience and promote their brand in a professional way. Trainerize’s custom branded apps include the traditional training and client management features, as well as allowing for custom company branding with app icons, color themes, integrations, widgets and more.

“We really did want to make this our own, we don’t want to be just another training app,” says Alex. “We’re trying to make sure that this stays true to our core message and our core beliefs of what we’re trying to do. I think people who use our app really appreciate the fact that they’re not just getting a basic set of workouts; we’re able to fully customize it to demonstrate whatever they do here in the gym with us one on one, they can apply to their workouts at home. It’s really personalized and it’s individualized for our athletes and for our clients.”

Embrace Virtual Workouts

In 2020, stationary bikes were in greater demand than toilet paper, and at-home fitness equipment like kettlebells were more difficult to track down than disinfecting wipes. Shifting to home workouts was one thing—there are obviously tons of tools to do so—but staying disciplined about doing so is the bigger challenge.

For Joe and Alex, the ability to provide clients with access to fitness instruction (and encouragement!) was a huge draw when considering a mobile app. “When COVID first hit, we saw all the rules and regulations about when you can go to the gym, how long you can be in there, whether you have to wear a mask or not… We knew right away that an app would be a great opportunity to help clients stay safe while they’re working out, and that it could encourage them to be more active in their daily lives, even if they’re not able to hit the gym.”

To ensure a seamless client experience, Joe and Alex began working overtime. They uploaded as many of their own custom exercise videos into their library as possible. “Sometimes we’re a little bit different, and our exercises aren’t the traditional things that you might go and do with other gyms or trainers,” says Alex. “We’re very technique-driven, and we want to make sure that whatever exercise it is, the client is doing it correctly. The ability for our clients to click on individual videos and break it down, and hear us talk about what they need to do is so important. They can even message us in the app if they have any questions.”

Train 4 Your Best now has over 1000 videos in their app library. “We have our full arsenal of exercises and movements available for our clients. The big thing that I really enjoy about the app is that it can be a full fitness tool, or it can be something that’s kind of supplemental and on the side for clients to get a workout in, or just run through a stretching routine at home.”

Grow Through What You Go Through

After seeing how quickly clients took to using their mobile app, Joe and Alex are already looking ahead at the possibility of post-pandemic growth. “Having an app helped us through COVID, and through these crazy times,” shares Alex. “We’re really hoping that this is going to be a long-term thing for us.”

With their custom branded app, Joe and Alex have provided personalized training and increased client engagement, even when they’ve been unable to meet with clients in-person. “We find it so useful to say, ‘hey, you’re coming in to see us a couple days a week, and that’s great, but you need to continue to train regularly if you want to see progress or address an injury’. With the app, clients can check in with us so we can see their progress along the way, and they can progress in a safe way if they’re not able to get in the gym, or if they have some ongoing health issues…We like to use the app as a tool to continue to build relationships and help the community we serve.”

Post-pandemic, Joe and Alex expect to ramp up their in-person training services. But, they are also looking forward to maintaining their digital offerings! Reflecting on the importance of custom branding to the success of their app, Alex notes that “it’s a great tool because you can customize it in so many ways to make it feel like it’s your own. Our clients don’t see it as a third-party product; they see it as our app, and that’s because of all the customization that we’re able to do. It’s been great that we can take this app and make it an extension of our gym. We look forward to the future, and to seeing where else this app will allow us to go and to grow.”

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