How BFITT Used Trainerize to Build a Roster of Online Clients Around the World

As a solo entrepreneur and owner of BFITT Athletic Training and Fitness Institute, Brittany Harris splits her time between coaching a variety of athletes, covering sports events, mentoring young women and girls, and developing corporate workshops to share how to live an injury-free and healthy life.

A Trainerize user since 2015, Britt has grown her business from one-on-one personal training to today’s hybrid model. What she loves most about the platform is that it gives her the flexibility to run her business from anywhere in the world!

“I don’t want to be bound to any place; I want to be able to travel and relocate without having to worry about my revenue decreasing substantially!”

Since focusing on the online training side of her business, and making the most of Trainerize features and integrations, Britt has been able to grow from fewer than 30 clients on Trainerize to more than 200. Her next goal is to reach 250 clients on Trainerize. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg with what she’s looking to accomplish.

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