How Dedication Fitness Built an Online Training Business Using Trainerize

Wes Lauer, Founder/Studio Director at Dedication Fitness

Wes Lauer is the Founder of Dedication Fitness, an Online Personal Training company based out of Southern California. He is also the Studio Director of San Diego Fitness, the premier Personal Training Studio in San Diego.

We caught up with Wes Lauer to discuss the success of his personal training business after using Trainerize for only nine months. He has managed to extend his services by starting an online training business on top of offering in-person training, all with help from the Trainerize software. His story is proof that anyone can do it!

Wes first learned about Trainerize when doing preliminary research about online training and quickly fell in love with the intuitive nature of the software, and plethora of features it allows for my clients.

He feels Trainerize lends credibility within the online training world and specifically increases your value and professionalism in the online space.

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