How Dedication Fitness Built an Online Training Business Using Trainerize

Wes Lauer, Founder/Studio Director at Dedication Fitness

Wes Lauer is the Founder of Dedication Fitness, an Online Personal Training company based out of Southern California. He is also the Studio Director of San Diego Fitness, the premier Personal Training Studio in San Diego.

We caught up with Wes Lauer to discuss the success of his personal training business after using Trainerize for only nine months. He has managed to extend his services by starting an online training business on top of offering in-person training, all with help from the Trainerize software. His story is proof that anyone can do it!

How did you start using Trainerize?

I first learned about Trainerize when doing preliminary research about online training. When I became serious about venturing into the online realm, I followed the advice of Jon Goodman, a guru within the industry, and gave Trainerize a try. I quickly fell in love with the intuitive nature of the software, and plethora of features it allows for my clients.

building an online training business with Trainerize

What does Trainerize do for you?

As far as Trainerize and what it has done for me personally, it has allowed me to venture into the online realm of personal training; something I had wanted to do for quite some time, but never had the knowledge on how to do it in a professional and efficient way. Once I invested in Trainerize, it gave me the capability to maximize my time towards producing quality programs for people that were not able to train with me in-person due to distance, financial, or even commitment objections.

building an online training business

What other benefits have you discovered?

Not only has Trainerize allowed me to create a growing online personal training client base, it has also been an amazing retention tool. My clients see exceptional value with their programming, and the app makes it incredibly intuitive and simple for them to access and utilize. Additionally, it is a great “drop-sell” in the event that a client can no longer afford to pay for an extensive in-person training program. I now have the ability to continue to train clients remotely for “maintenance ” programs using Trainerize.

Trainerize has so many awesome capabilities, that the more clients use it, the more value they harness for my services, which, in turn leads to higher re-sign rates. The ability to sync with technology and other apps makes it a no-brainer investment. As the Director of nearly 30 Certified Personal Trainers, I highly recommend it to everyone within the fitness industry!

online training business

How do you incorporate Trainerize into your training services?

I use Trainerize for all of my clients, online and in-person. In my opinion, it’s an essential tool for successful online training, but also builds an incredible amount of value with in-person clients as well. Having 24/7 access to my clients makes sure I can actively monitor their progress, quickly catch potential obstacles with their goals, and have constant communication if necessary.

I include Trainerize with my in-person programs for a premium, and offer my online training as 3 month programs. I found this to be the “sweet spot” as far as program adherence and results are concerned. It also allows me to place a slightly higher price point on these programs.

online training business with Trainerize

How has Trainerize changed your business?

Since implementing Trainerize into my service, I have added another revenue stream to my income. Since founding Dedication Fitness in April of 2016, I have increased my total revenue growth by nearly 30%. Additionally, I’ve also noticed a marked increase in client retention rates. I’m excited to see what Dedication Fitness can do in 2017 with Trainerize and its capabilities!

Since founding Dedication Fitness in April of 2016, I have increased my total revenue growth by nearly 30%.

What is the best thing about Trainerize, in your opinion?

One of the things I love most about Trainerize is how it syncs with many popular apps and technology. I am an avid user of MyFitnessPal, both for myself and my clients. The ability to sync with MyFitnessPal makes nutritional guidance exponentially easier as a fitness professional. Fitbit trackers and Withings scale integration is also very useful and quite convenient. This allows me to get a complete overview of overall client engagement.


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What do your clients have to say about Trainerize?

My clients LOVE using Trainerize. Some of them almost get addicted to it! With Trainerize, you definitely get what you put in. It has so many features that allow you to get really involved with your client programming. Clients appreciate it when they feel like you are always watching them and keeping them accountable. I now have the official branded app which brings a nice personal touch to my business as well!

Do you have any recommendation for trainers who want to grow their business with online training?

Trainerize gives you credibility within the online training world. There are many “online trainers” out there offering online training services that include a PDF of a few exercises and a word document with a “meal plan”. Not only is that more work; it’s also much less value in my opinion. The Trainerize software is designed specifically to increase your value and credibility as an online personal trainer. For those looking to start or grow their online training, you could begin by inviting some friends or family members at a discounted rate with the caveat of providing a good testimonial if they enjoy it (they will!). Then begin your marketing campaign with these testimonials to attract more clients!

I highly recommend Trainerize to any trainer within the fitness industry. Whether you are looking to venture into the online training realm, or simply provide more value for your in-person clientele, Trainerize is a great option to build your business.

There you have it, folks. If you’re looking to get your online training business off the ground, take a cue from Wes Lauer, and get started today with Trainerize.

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