How Mike Monti Used Trainerize to Triple His Client Numbers and Build an Online Fitness Business

For years, Mike Monti was an in-person fitness coach. As a solo entrepreneur and fitness business owner, Mike had managed to establish a relatively steady flow of clients, but was never fully satisfied with his level of reach, and craved to connect with more clients.

By stepping outside the limiting business model of in-person only, Mike was able to make better use of his time and take on more clients than ever before possible. The result of that change speaks volumes about how quickly you can grow your business by taking it online.

When Mike first discovered Trainerize, he took some time to get to know the software and explore its many features, but it didn’t take him long to see the potential for business growth unlocked by Trainerize.

By January 2018, he was ready to make online training a key part of his fitness business, and since adding Trainerize, his number of clients has grown by almost 300%. Even his in-person client numbers have seen an uptick.

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