How Mike Monti Used Trainerize to Triple His Client Numbers and Build an Online Fitness Business

For years, Mike Monti was an in-person fitness coach. As a solo entrepreneur and fitness business owner, Mike had managed to establish a relatively steady flow of clients, but was never fully satisfied with his level of reach, and craved to connect with more clients.

“Like so many others in the industry, I got into this job to make a difference,” Mike told us. “I’m constantly hungry to help people get on a better path to reach their potential in the gym.”

The issue for Mike, like many other personal trainers and fitness professionals running an in-person only business, was the limited amount of hours he could work each week to help clients and make money.

With a 100% in-person personal training business, there were not enough hours in the day for me to reach the number of people I wanted to. There were not enough hours for me to have the impact I so desperately wanted to make.”


More Clients. More Impact.

The answer to that problem came for Mike in the form of online personal training.

“By adding Trainerize and taking my business online,” Mike said, “I’ve been able to reach people across the globe and am no longer limiting myself to potential clients only living in surrounding neighborhoods. I still have my in-person clients, but I also have this enormous market available online, and having my feet in both worlds means I get to have a tremendous impact on people and their health.”

By stepping outside the limiting business model of in-person only, Mike was able to make better use of his time and take on more clients than ever before possible. The result of that change speaks volumes about how quickly you can grow your business by taking it online.

Business Growth

When Mike first discovered Trainerize, he took some time to get to know the software and explore its many features, but it didn’t take him long to see the potential for business growth unlocked by Trainerize.

By January 2018, he was ready to make online training a key part of his fitness business, and since adding Trainerize, his number of clients has grown by almost 300%. Even his in-person client numbers have seen an uptick.

“[With online personal training], depending on how many online clients I decide to bring on in a month, I can bring in an additional $1000-$3000 of income on top of my in-person training clients,” Mike happily reported.

Mike’s online following has also seen huge growth, more than doubling since he added online personal training to his roster of services, and shows no signs of slowing down. With his rapidly-growing online presence, Mike has seized the opportunity to run group fitness challenges and is poised to bring in even more clients.

“My business has grown, my online following has doubled, and the freedom to decide when and where I work is now totally mine,” Mike told us. “The avenue of opportunity Trainerize has opened for me has allowed me to take control of my time.”


Why Trainerize?

According to Mike, adding Trainerize to his fitness business is one of the best decisions he could have made, especially because of how it has streamlined his business.

“I’m smitten with Trainerize as a whole, but some features have really taken headaches away from my life and brought fluidity to my training approach. Like having all of my programs in one place, and being able to automatically subscribe a client at any time instead of having to open up another spreadsheet where those glaring lines stare at me.”

“It’s the automaton I’ve needed to hit the next level in my training career and I’ve only just wet my beak.”

Mike also loves how Trainerize lets him stay connected to his clients without having to be glued to his phone or computer 24/7.

“Setting up auto-messages has helped my keep clients motivated and connected with me throughout their training journey, and by the beard of Zeus, I never forget a birthday now! Oh, and in case you did forget something, such as not message someone in a while, forget to update a program or follow-up with someone who hasn’t been active, Trainerize reminds you the second you log in.”

Building a Business and a Brand

In addition to the standard Trainerize plan, Mike also purchased a Trainerize Custom Branded App and says that the choice has truly helped establish his business and build his brand recognition.

“I invested in the custom branded app version of Trainerize and it has helped me look more professional to potential clients who see that I have my own ‘Mike Monti Fitness’ app.”

Making the most of all of Trainerize’s in-app branding and customization features, Mike has also made sure to use his own custom exercise videos so he can keep his client’s experience personalized and build a strong trainer-client relationship by being right there demonstrating all of the exercises for his clients to watch.


Loved by Both Trainers and Clients

It isn’t just Mike who loves Trainerize. His clients love it too.

My clients absolutely love having their own fitness profiles that keep track of their weights lifted, personal records, nutrition, and progress photos. Instead of information like that being the brunt of the trainer to keep track of, it’s now in one tidy spot for both parties to see. Trainerize has made online fitness training more transparent in a great way allowing professionals to establish themselves while not keeping their clients in the dark about the process that you might get from an in-person trainer at a big box gym.”

Online Personal Training is the Future of Fitness

“As a personal trainer”, Mike said, “I could probably fill an entire book with the excuses I’ve heard for why people don’t exercise or put their fitness first. Everything from not having time, to family responsibilities, affordability, or a lack of know-how. But all of those excuses crumble away when you add online personal training to the equation.”

As Mike sees it, online personal training is taking the phone in your pocket (the one that we almost all have and cling to during most waking hours) and turning it into a powerful tool for building healthy lifestyles and positive habits.

After making Trainerize part of his fitness business, Mike feels confident that online personal training is the future of the industry.

“People are busy, and people want fitness options that are effective, efficient, and affordable. Online personal training hits all these nails on the head, and with the right personal trainer it can also exceed all your clients’ expectations of what personal training can do for them and how much they love it.”

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