How Totum Health is Using Trainerize Studio to Successfully Scale Their Operations

Totum Health, co-owned by Brett Whipp, is a fitness business with locations throughout southern Sydney, Australia. Made up of a team of exercise physiologists (EPs) and personal trainers, Totum Health encourages their clients to think about exercise as something that can help improve their physiological as well as psychological well-being. Thanks to their unique business model, Totum Health has been growing exponentially.

Given their multifaceted offerings, Brett knew that Totum Health needed tools that would allow his team to “communicate with clients at regular intervals”, as well as “a platform where programs could be offered online, in addition to allowing us to market our in-person options.”

When researching the different software programs, Brett’s main concern was ensuring that Totum Health was able to continue to provide top of the line service that was personalized to the individual, even while they worked to expand.

Enter ABC Trainerize’s Studio Max plan!! The app has been a huge plus for Brett and his team, who love the customized design. “It allows us to communicate through our own channels, rather than something that looks like a third-party tool that’s very generic,” says Brett. “The app is really easy to update, and it also allowed our trainers to give some accountability back to the clients by setting milestones and challenges, and encouraging clients to participate in habit tracking.”

Read the full case study to learn more about how Brett and his team leverage their ABC Trainerize Studio Max plan to scale their business operations while providing an unmatched member experience 👇

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