How Totum Health is Using Trainerize Studio to Successfully Scale Their Operations

The pandemic brought more than its fair share of stress, and some of us adopted a few poor habits during the various stages of lockdown and quarantine. Given the challenges that the past year brought, it’s understandable why health has jumped to the top of people’s priority list. Many of us have a renewed—or maybe a brand-new—focus on fitness.

However, it takes more than just regular strength training and hitting 10,000 steps a day to be healthy; there are several other areas that impact your overall wellness. There isn’t a fitness professional in the industry who would argue that physical activity isn’t a key part of ensuring health, but nutrition, sleep, relaxation, and mental and emotional well-being all come into play as well. That’s why Totum Health takes a more holistic approach when working with their members.

Totum Health is a fitness business with locations throughout southern Sydney, Australia. Made up of a team of exercise physiologists (EPs) and personal trainers, Totum Health encourages their clients to think about exercise as something that can help improve their physiological as well as psychological well-being. Thanks to their unique business model, Totum Health has been growing exponentially. We sat down with Co-Owner Brett Whipp to find out how Totum Health has utilized Trainerize to scale their operations while improving their members’ experience.

Scaling the Unscalable

Totum Health’s ultimate goal is to become the number one provider of exercise physiology and personal training in Australia. Brett admits that this is a lofty aspiration, and shared that Totum Health wants to differentiate themselves by “scaling the unscalable. We offer group fitness training, personal training, and we’re the only exercise physiology provider that is established within a commercial 24-hour gym. This allows us to provide our clients with unrestricted access to the most up-to-date equipment.”

Totum Health offers everything from in-person group bootcamps to online personal training sessions. A core part of their business is exercise physiology, which aims to reduce or reverse disease progression through exercise. Totum Health’s clients are often eligible for funding under Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, and rebates are offered through a variety of health funds. Totum Health’s EPs can see clients on a one-on-one basis through their partnerships with commercial gyms, and can also create personalized programs for them to follow.

Given their multifaceted offerings, Brett knew that Totum Health needed tools that would allow his team to “communicate with clients at regular intervals”, as well as “a platform where programs could be offered online, in addition to allowing us to market our in-person options.”

When researching the different software programs, Brett’s main concern was ensuring that Totum Health was able to continue to provide top of the line service that was personalized to the individual, even while they worked to expand.

Enter Trainerize’s Studio Max plan. With room for unlimited clients and trainers, the Studio Max plan features digital member profiles with progress tools, compliance metrics, nutrition tracking and meal planning, habit and lifestyle coaching tools and a Studio Custom Branded Mobile App. The app has been a huge plus for Brett and his team, who love the customized design. “It allows us to communicate through our own channels, rather than something that looks like a third-party tool that’s very generic,” says Brett. “The app is really easy to update, and it also allowed our trainers to give some accountability back to the clients by setting milestones and challenges, and encouraging clients to participate in habit tracking.”

All About Integration

Given Totum Health’s strong focus on treating all aspects of their clients’ health, it’s no surprise that one of their favourite Trainerize features is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Mindbody. This feature allows Totem Health to generate stronger connections with their clients by increasing access to EPs, trainers and classes.

Brett shared that Totum recently ran a fitness challenge with over 450 participants, each of whom received a personalized program depending on their ability to access gym equipment and space. “With the MINDBODY integration, we saved heaps of time, because we didn’t have to manually add each person into our system and confirm their payment, so packages were displayed in both apps [MINDBODY and Totum Health’s Trainerize app], each participant has direct access to an accountability coach, and coaches are able to maintain constant contact with their groups.”

Trainerize also recently announced an expanded partnership with Mindbody, meaning that fitness businesses like Totum Health will be able to unify their sales channels, and keep up with the evolving needs of members. They’ll be able to offer access to in-person activities, as well as online services and digital fitness solutions. This is another plus for Brett, who learned the value of online community during the early stages of the pandemic. “When COVID hit we were able to shift some of our members to personalized online training using Trainerize, but we’re a company that really cares, and we made the decision to reduce membership costs to a token amount. We created Facebook groups and produced a ton of free content, with the goal of offering our services and creating a place for people to communicate and have some semblance of a social life.”

With Australia slowly but surely progressing toward pre-pandemic life, Totum Health has seen their efforts pay off in the form of increased in-person attendance, and a jump in memberships. They’re a great example of an authentic business being rewarded for their integrity—and for one that can continue this new revenue stream into the post-pandemic world.

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