TriCore + Trainerize: A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

At Trainerize, we’re all about making fitness accessible for everyone, so it likely comes as no surprise that we’re big believers in workplace wellness. Our friends at TriCore Wellness feel the same.

Beyond being an essential part of an enjoyable workplace, wellness programs can help employees improve their overall health, reduce absenteeism and turnover due to unplanned illness, increase workplace productivity, and build relationships between colleagues. When Trainerize was searching to live our values through a workplace wellness program provider, we were immediately drawn to TriCore Wellness. Like Trainerize, TriCore understands the value of integrating technology, health data, and professional coaching to create a full-circle wellness experience.

We sat down with TriCore Owner and Founder Chris Edwards to find out how his company got started, what the pandemic meant for business, and what lies ahead for this fitness pro.

When TriCore Met Trainerize

Chris founded TriCore in 2014 as a solo entrepreneur. His initial goal was to offer in-person training and consultations, but the company has since evolved to include online coaching and training. TriCore’s team now consists of a full management staff, clinical nutritionists and dieticians, fitness specialists, nutrition and health coaches, as well as a physical therapist and several physical therapy assistants.

During the expansion, Chris realized that he needed to find a better way to communicate with his growing clientele, and discovered that the solution was connecting with them online. This is how he found Trainerize! “I immediately fell in love with the platform,” he says. “Through Trainerize, I learned how to scale my business, and used the platform to take on more clients while still providing personalized services.”

Chris credits Trainerize with helping his business to develop new marketing, and drive engagement and awareness in new segments. “The amount of community engagement that Trainerize harnesses out the users is above and beyond. Between Studio Masterminds, Trainerize Collectives, and other events and opportunities, there’s always something going on in support of Trainerize users and the overall community.”

TriCore provides corporate wellness to over a dozen different companies (although we’d love to believe we’re their favourite client!), and they’re focused on providing high performance health coaching, nutrition, and online training to clients and members looking for lifestyle transformations. “At TriCore, people can come to one entity and get a complete wellness plan. We have physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who can provide guidance on functional movement and recovery, nutritionists and dieticians who can develop meal plans and provide blood chemistry analysis to improve metabolic functions, and fitness professionals and health coaches who can help with fitness programming, stress management, and overall physical and mental health.”

How 2020 Impacted TriCore’s Growth

While no one saw a global pandemic coming in 2020, TriCore was well prepared! “We had already been using the Trainerize platform as part of our business model to include connected health devices integration and digital fitness and wellness offerings,” notes Chris.

“Because we weren’t scrambling to figure things out, we were ahead of most of our competitors. We were able to continue to work with our clients through the lockdown in Florida, and once our restrictions were lifted, we found that we could sustain a remote option for our staff and still have growth in our business!” says Chris.

He continued, “Our staff works remotely two days a week, and in Florida (where TriCore’s in-person operations are based), we were already offering many different alternatives for our services like video calling, mobile blood draws, and of course app based services to drive results for our clients.” TriCore experienced tremendous growth in 2020, and is excited to see that continue as we progress toward post-pandemic life. “Companies are starting to rebound, people are coming back to the office for in-person appointments, but no matter where they are, (local or not) we are there to help them get back on track with their fitness and wellness goals!”

Building a Business and a Brand

After the rapid growth that TriCore experienced in 2020, you might think Chris and his team would be looking forward to taking it easy for a few months. Wrong! TriCore has some big goals for growth, including exploring licensing opportunities in different cities. “We want to find like minded professionals who are ready to tackle a new location, and they can use the model we’ve developed to leverage community and media on a local level and grow from there.”

TriCore is also looking to establish themselves in the emerging Esports world with a title sponsorship with a large online Esports tournament. “One of our coaches is an avid gamer, and he’s opened our eyes to competitive gaming and the need for physical & mental health and high performance health coaching in that world. It’s growing extremely quickly, and there’s huge business opportunities, sponsorships, and just a lot of money pouring into this market.”

TriCore will also continue to focus on growing its corporate wellness programs, and is hoping to help fitness and country clubs transition into online services too. “We’ve identified some service gaps in the club services industry, and we’re excited about helping organizations level up their wellness programs as well. It’s a win-win to have a successful business and also be able to help people—that’s the ultimate goal.”

TriCore Team Corporate Wellness

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