TriCore + ABC Trainerize: A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

Chris Edwards founded TriCore in 2014 as a solo entrepreneur. His initial goal was to offer in-person training and consultations, but the company has since evolved to include online coaching and training. TriCore’s team now consists of a full management staff, clinical nutritionists and dieticians, fitness specialists, nutrition and health coaches, as well as a physical therapist and several physical therapy assistants.

During the expansion, Chris realized that he needed to find a better way to communicate with his growing clientele, and discovered that the solution was connecting with them online. This is how he found ABC Trainerize!

“I immediately fell in love with the platform,” he says. “Through ABC Trainerize, I learned how to scale my business, and used the platform to take on more clients while still providing personalized services.”

Chris credits ABC Trainerize with helping his business to develop new marketing, and drive engagement and awareness in new segments…

“The amount of community engagement that ABC Trainerize harnesses out the users is above and beyond. Between Studio Masterminds, TZ Collectives, and other events and opportunities, there’s always something going on in support of Trainerize users and the overall community.”

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