How Wisconsin Athletic Club Expanded into Digital Fitness with Trainerize

To be a leader in the fitness industry you have to stand out from the competition. Differentiating yourself is crucial if you want to be successful, adapting to current trends, and being innovative in a very crowded industry can be a difficult task.

We’ve seen a massive trend happening since the pandemic: Virtual Coaching and Online Training Options.  

Multi-location gyms, clubs, and franchises had to incorporate online training and virtual coaching into the services they offered at their gyms. Adapting to this new stream of services couldn’t be an easy task for many.

However one incredible story comes from Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC), the largest privately-owned gym in Wisconsin. We’re proud to play a part in their journey to adopt online training.

With the launch of their Virtual Live Training program (training via video) in the early months of the pandemic, and then announcing their online training program PIVOT (Personalized InteractiVe Online Training) in September, WAC is confidently and comprehensively leading their clients into the digital fitness space by leveraging the Trainerize platform.

“Using Trainerize allowed us to continue to train our clients safely. Many of them were reluctant to come into the gym during the pandemic,” says WAC Personal Trainer, Amanda Tikalsky. “Shifting to online training means they can stay connected to WAC and continue to work toward their goals.” Keeping members engaged and motivated is just the start…

With Trainerize, WAC has been able to offer flexible options to members, regardless of public health requirements and personal comfort levels while giving their trainer’s a much better work-life balance.

Check out Amanda Tikalsky head personal trainer at WAC talk about her experience utilizing the Trainerize app to train her clients in and outside the gym.


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Does this story resonate with your fitness business?  Could you see your gym or franchise benefitting from digitizing your personal training services? If so, you should read our one-pager all about WAC’s success in the aftermath of the pandemic.