How James David Fitness uses Trainerize to Keep Clients Accountable

James David, Trainerize Trainer and Owner at James David Fitness

Accountability has to be one of the biggest factors when it comes to hitting your health and fitness goals. With the use of Trainerize, a client can be kept accountable from anywhere in the world. The online features allow me to update and create training plans within minutes, and with the recent integration of MyFitnessPal, I can easily monitor my clients’ nutrition plans.

To take a deeper look into the Trainerize software and what it does for me, I will break down each component. First, the training plans.

How James David Fitness uses Trainerize to Keep Clients Accountable

Training Plans

With the ability to create multiple workouts for a client, you take all the thinking out of it for them. All they need to do is turn up to the gym, and complete the workouts you set up for them. This helps in keeping the clients stress-free and focused on the workout itself. The ability to schedule in sessions and appointments means you can set up a client’s full week, and you both know that what is in their plan will get them closer to their fitness goals.

MyFitnessPal & Nutrition

Aside from the training plans, another favorite feature is the ability for the client to sync MyFitnessPal to their Trainerize account. The reason this is such a big deal, is I can now see exactly what my clients are consuming on a day-to-day basis. I can monitor their nutrition plans on the go, and can keep them accountable 24/7. Previously, clients wouldn’t have anyone telling them about the bad things in their diet. This is a big improvement from a weekly food diary where changes could only be made at the end of the week! This new integration is also beneficial on the client end, as they now get an extremely accurate food intake system. They can see exact values to eat, and the amount of extra calories they need to burn during a day.

As a trainer, I find nutrition to be the biggest factor when it comes to clients reaching their health and fitness goals. I personally believe nutrition should be a key element, and in turn, we should spend more time looking at it. Without a detailed nutrition plan, it is very hard to make body changes. The Trainerize software allows for nutrition to play a key role for clients and trainers, which helps keep them focused on the same thing: the client goals!

The Trainerize software allows for nutrition to play a key role for clients and trainers, which helps keep them focused on the same thing: the client goals!

The Client Profile

The final feature that assists with accountability, is the the client profile tab, which allows for body measurements, workout session tracking, and photo uploads. The reason these three items are important to health and fitness goals, is the client can continually see progress and track results. There is no point starting a fitness plan with no direction, or no way to monitor how you are improving along the way. Clients need to be able to see that they are making progress.

With the body stats check-in, it’s easy to see how your body shape is changing, and you can even graph it to see the changes over a few week’s time, the last 6 months, or within the past year.


Progress photos are important for the visual learners out there. Some people need to see things right in front of their face, and having the ability to see side-by-side photos gives them the correct indicators to show that there is progress being made.

Finally, using session tracking to record workouts, allows the client to see repetitions and sets previously performed, the amount of weight they used, and the rest time. Letting the client track their workouts in the mobile app makes it easy for them to see how they have continued to increase their workload during sessions.

These three features on the client profile help the client see new changes and keep them progressing, whether that be in inches, weight loss, or increased muscle mass. All of these Trainerize app capabilities help my clients make changes and achieve their health and fitness goals. They never say that they have no guidance or can’t stick to a plan. With the Trainerize software, and assistance from me as their highly-skilled personal trainer, they are doing things they never thought possible.

James David is an online transformation specialist from Sydney, Australia. He has been a personal trainer for 5 years now, and helped many clients reach their fitness goals. James is a Certificate 3 and 4 Fitness Trainer, with qualifications such as Level 1 Boxing and Level 1 Kettlebell training. James is also a current fitness athlete on his way to seeking his professional card.

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