Putting Personal Training First: How Trainerspace is Disrupting the Personal Training Industry Using Trainerize

Learn how Trainerspace is using a specialized training approach and a connected fitness experience through Trainerize to create a unique business model that's taking them to the top.

Trainerspace is not your typical fitness club. Located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, Trainerspace is a military veteran owned and operated state-of-the-art fitness facility, but unlike most gyms, this one puts an emphasis on the value of personal training and the benefits of one-on-one coaching. Like the name implies, it really is a space for trainers, and it’s using Trainerize to reach a wider market, provide flexible options for clients, deliver an enhanced and connected experience, and help more clients achieve their full fitness potential.

The story of Trainerspace and how it came to exist is rooted in real passion and a desire to turn the fitness industry on its head, and it all begins with the founders and their heritage of service.

Trainerspace is a military veteran owned and operated 20,000 square foot training facility located in Boca Raton, Florida. Originally imagined by Army Veteran, Cary Reichbach, and fellow patriot Chris Brown. Logan Skees, a Marine Veteran, joined the team soon after during the company’s initial stages.

Together, the three wanted to elevate and disrupt the fitness industry and bring the focus back to the value and benefits personal training and personal trainers have to offer.

“We felt like personal trainers were kind of the red-headed step-children of the healthcare continuum,” says Trainerspace cofounder, Cary Reichbach. “We’re kind of the neglected ones, and all too often out in the real world—in the gym market—you’ll find amazing people who work really hard as personal trainers; they’re grinding, they’re putting in the time, but then these big-box gyms have a broom closet designated for them to kind of detox and recover in. Or you’ll see these great career trainers segmented to eating cold chicken and rice out in their car on their lunch break because there’s nowhere for them to really go.”

“The alternatives,” Cary goes on, “are the small training studios that we see all over the place: byproducts of a few thousand dollars scraped together by a couple of guys who are just trying to do the best they can to get a space put together.”

Revolutionizing the Fitness Experience and What it Means to Be a Fitness Club

Those two opposite ends of the spectrum weren’t enough for Cary and Chris so they started to rethink the fitness experience.

“We looked at this—at these two extremes—and said, hey, there’s no middle ground. Why is there no place that is bix-box quality—or even better than big-box quality—that’s purely designated for personal training? A space that is an homage to the art and science, the masterpiece of what we do on a daily basis—and that actually serves our people.”

Shining the Spotlight on Personal Training

From this came Trainerspace, with a brand new approach to personal training and what a fitness club can be. Inside the walls of their super modern converted warehouse space, you won’t find televisions or magazine racks, and you definitely won’t find people wandering around unsure of what they should be doing or feeling helplessly unmotivated. In fact, you won’t find anyone there except for trainers and their clients, focused and training.

“We always say that it’s called Trainerspace and not Clientspace,” Cary tells, “because we built it with our training team in mind first.”

The state-of-the-art facility is devastatingly beautiful and intentionally designed to be awe-inspiring to all trainers and clients who visit. The founders used design psychology to put together a space that, as Cary puts it, “shakes people out of their normal state of consciousness and suspends them in a state of disbelief. Disbelief about their limitations, disbelief about their fears and doubts, and inspires them that other things in life are possible; they can, in fact, achieve what they’ve always wanted.”

Taking a Flexible Approach to Personal Training

The unique experience of Trainerspace doesn’t end there. In addition to their hyper-training-focused approach to fitness and their modern space, the team behind Trainerspace and their ambitious roster of personal trainers and fitness professionals are also delivering a flexible and connected training experience to their members, and they’re doing it with Trainerize.

“It was around 2014 that I became aware of Trainerize and started playing around with it,” Logan shares. “When I got out of the marine corps, I got certified and I realized really quickly, like most of us do, we love what we do, we could see ourselves doing this for a long time, but there’s a point where you can only train 8, 9, 10 clients a day so many days in a row before you’re like, “Hmm, how do I scale my time? How do I help more people and not burn myself out entirely in the process?” So I began looking at alternative and progressive approaches—and of course, Trainerize was right at the top of the list.”

At Trainerspace, you won’t find standard gym memberships for sale, but you will find a range of personal training packages—all using Trainerize.

For clients that want the physical presence of a personal trainer, Trainerspace offers in-person training where clients come into the Trainerspace facility for in-person training sessions and their workouts, progress, notes, and client data are all logged and stored in their Trainerize client account. Personal trainers are equipped with mobile devices so they can update their client’s profiles in real-time as they train.

For those who don’t feel 100% in-person training is right for them—whether it’s due to time constraints or budget concerns—but still want occasional in-person check-ins or assessments, Trainerspace is using Trainerize to provide clients with the option of hybrid training.

The entire experience revolves around the support and guidance of professional personal trainers. Logan explains, “our gym membership is kind of like a check-up that you would see in a doctor’s office where you come to a badass facility once a month (at the entry level), you get a 360° scan through Styku, you receive your FMS, and the rest of the month you have your custom-tailored workout routine and direct lines of communication with your trainer through Trainerize.”

Plans are in the works to launch a fully-online Trainerspace training experience.

Automation: The Trainerize Edge

If you ask Logan why Trainerize was his personal training software of choice, he’ll tell it to you straight. “I think it’s a huge technology that is way ahead of its time and has been for a while. It’s a time-conserving technology, and I always had a desire to scale it with a team.” And that’s exactly what Logan is doing: rolling Trainerize out to a team of administrative coordinators and a whole department of dedicated trainers, executive management, and regional coordinators.

“With the automation features, templates, and notifications built into Trainerize, the team at Trainerspace can spend more energy focusing on their clients and are achieving more in less time.”

“Trainerize has found a way to keep things going, in a lot of ways, autonomously.”

“We 100% love the fact that you can sit down one time for 20-30 minutes, generate a great program, and then set it in motion,” Logan says. “You can set it in motion and trust that it will be carried on in a manner that represents yourself and your business well. It’s a low-maintenance technology. I don’t have to spend 80 hours a week monitoring clients, and I don’t have to hire two other people on full-time salaries just to watch a screen.”

Paving the Way Forward

More than just the benefits of automation, Logan and his team at Trainerspace see Trainerize as a tool for modern business—one that is keeping them at the forefront of the industry.

“I fundamentally believe that online coaching is the way our industry is moving.”

At Trainerspace there is a shared belief in “utilizing emerging technology to enrich the client-trainer relationship” and to scale the business up and reach a wider population. In Logan’s own words, “it not only makes sense but is necessary.”

Technologies like Trainerize provide solutions to training teams, no matter how big or small, that really revolutionize the approach and brings personal training into 2018. I think there’s a lot of antiquation in our space and everything is kind of mired down in dogma, if you will.”

“Trainerize is so progressive and pushing the envelope with a lightweight, customizable, new platform. It’s absolutely the way of the future and with it as a career professional you can scale your time, help more people, generate close-to-passive income, and do more things in the now.”

“At Trainerspace, we’re playing for keeps. If you’re a real deal trainer, this is the number one thing you should be researching.”

“If I have anything to say about this industry it’s that it’s not safe from automation. The advances that technology is making, and automation and machine learning and sensor technology and the biofeedback… all of that is pointing to one possible outcome: and that is, total streamline and outsourcing of personal training to automated systems. And those who get there first and push the envelope, hit the tip of the spear and run it through…they win the game.”