Sean Currey was able to Increase Client Retention Rates and Offer More Services with ABC Trainerize

Sean Currey - Personal Trainer at HAMMRR Fitness

Sean Currey is a Personal Trainer with over 6 years experience in training clients looking to transform their physique and increase lean muscle, and muscle definition.

Sean Currey first became a personal trainer over 6 years ago. It all started when he had a shoulder injury from football and was unable to perform his regular job. He chose to study personal training while he was rehabilitating from surgery. From there, he decided that fitness and sport were his true passions, and he was dedicated to making training people his profession. Since then, he’s managed to build up a loyal following of clients.

Sean started using Trainerize two years ago when he was looking for an industry leader in online training services for personal trainers. He had used other software prior to discovering ABC Trainerize, but once he saw the features and innovative app design, he was certain Trainerize would be the ideal platform for him.

“Trainerize is the fundamental key to the backbone of my services. The majority of my training involves periodization of some sort, along with workouts my clients would complete outside of our one-on-one sessions. The app gives me the platform to deliver such service–and with frequent updates, it has remained the industry leader in my opinion.”

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