Sean Currey was able to Increase Client Retention Rates and Offer More Services with Trainerize

Sean Currey - Personal Trainer at HAMMRR Fitness

Sean Currey is a Personal Trainer with over 6 years experience in training clients looking to transform their physique and increase lean muscle, and muscle definition.

sean currey increase retention with trainerizeSean Currey first became a personal trainer over 6 years ago. It all started when he had a shoulder injury from football and was unable to perform his regular job. He chose to study personal training while he was rehabilitating from surgery. From there, he decided that fitness and sport were his true passions, and he was dedicated to making training people his profession. Since then, he’s managed to build up a loyal following of clients.

Sean started using Trainerize two years ago when he was looking for an industry leader in online training services for personal trainers. He had used other software prior to discovering Trainerize, but once he saw the features and innovative app design, he was certain Trainerize would be the ideal platform for him.

sean currey trainerize increase client retention

We asked Sean:

What does Trainerize do for you?

“Trainerize is the fundamental key to the backbone of my services. The majority of my training involves periodization of some sort, along with workouts my clients would complete outside of our one-on-one sessions. The app gives me the platform to deliver such service–and with frequent updates, it has remained the industry leader in my opinion.”

Tell us about how you manage, charge, train, and communicate with clients through Trainerize.

“Initially I was packaging Trainerize within my personal training sessions pack. This was fantastic because it added more to my service, and I could test the value and feedback from my loyal client base first. I still offer a similar package deal to my existing clients but have moved towards offering online training as a stand-alone service as well. Paypal is my preferred service for receiving payments.”

hammrr fitness trainerize increase client retention

Have you seen any positive results from using Trainerize?

“I think as far as existing clients, my retention rate is far greater than ever before. No doubt the app is great for retaining clients–it’s a massive long-term as well as short-term addition to your business.”

What do you love about Trainerize?

“I love the creativity and presentation of the programs I can deliver to my clients in an easy-to-use and fashionable manner. Trainerize has made my service so much more valuable as I now believe I’m providing results and progress outside of our personal sessions.”

What do your clients think about Trainerize?

sean currey fitness trainerize“All my clients use the Trainerize app and love it! Technology has evolved so much in recent years and I decided that I wanted my training services to incorporate the development of new opportunities in services that I can provide to my clients.

I haven’t looked back in my first few years now with Trainerize and I regard it as a fundamental piece of me, applying more complex and advanced training programs for my clients. I now have more control of their training and nutrition outside of our personal training sessions.

Feedback I have received has been very encouraging, with most clients loving the interface of the app and its design, first and foremost. That’s important to them and I think Trainerize has done this very well. Also, recording workout data is time-efficient and extremely encouraging to see your progress and recent results.”

Here’s an example of Sean’s client feedback:

“Sean’s personal training has allowed me to reach my strength and weight goals. The phone app used to set workout plans and track progress is incredibly easy to use and is catered to your training requirements and frequency.”
– James Mclaren

How are you positioning and selling Online Training?

“My aim is to deliver a website that users can visit and examine programs in great deal. Kind of like a brochure. And from there, I provide a recommendation and also take into account their feedback, and deliver the chosen program through Trainerize.”

What would be some tips you have for other trainers who are considering gym software?

“Self educate in marketing and technology. It is ever-changing and an hour a day will go a long way to building your business.”

We certainly agree! We believe technology, fitness apps, and particularly online training are the way of the future, because they help provide that motivation and accountability factor into your clients’ fitness journey. And with the added bonus of helping to retain your clients, you can’t go wrong by using Trainerize for your fitness business.