The Real-Life Training Plan and Diet of a Professional Fitness Athlete

Andrea Leipert: Fitness & Health Coach, Celebrity Trainer at Yaletown Fitness

We interviewed Andrea Leipert of Yaletown Fitness on her life as a professional fitness athlete. We have the inside scoop on her training plan, diet, and how she manages to do all of that, and run a business, too. 

Andrea Leipert is a a skilled, dedicated and energetic Personal Fitness Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She has a diploma in fitness from the Fitness Institute of Australia, is CanFitPro Certified, and has certifications for teaching TRX, Kettlebell, Zumba, and more.

professional fitness athlete

Why did you decide to compete in fitness as an athlete?

I’ve loved sports, fitness and dance since I was a little girl and staying in shape was always the number one thing for me. I love to be in shape and inspire others, and competition is just the cherry on the top that helps me to set new goals and improve—and it also helps my business to get new clients who are interested in competing.

How do you prepare for the competition day?

I have done it so many times, so I’m not really stressed but I always make sure I arrive everywhere on time, or earlier, just to be safe, and especially when I travel outside of my hometown. For my competition day I need to ensure my tan, hair and make up are perfect and also my suit and shoes. I also have to prep different food so I make sure I do this the day before to make sure I don’t forget anything.

Training plan - fitness professional

How do you manage both the competition and your personal training business at the same time?

It can be a lot sometimes, but I work with my husband, so we can help each other in certain situations, or during my absence. Team work is the number one thing for us. My prep also inspires my clients. I’m a big fan of social media and I make sure I stay active there, and share daily tips and progress from my own prep, and it helps our clients, or it inspires new clients as well.

How do you organize all your meals and daily trainings, so you don’t overlook anything and fit everything inside your schedule?

I use Fitmarkbags–meal bag with boxes. I take it everywhere I go, I can easily fit in 4-5 meals, and a shake, and water. I prep most of my meals at home, but if I am running on a tight schedule, I can also order from a special meal prep company here in Vancouver that will measure my portions as per my plan.

Meal plan for a fitness athlete

Which daily tools help you the most?

“I love to use Trainerize to keep track of my workouts and especially my progress pictures.”

What about your meal planning, do you have the help of a dietitian?

Both me and my husband are not just personal trainers, but also nutritionists, and we also learn from sport medicine doctors to enhance our skills. If I hire a coach for a show, they are also nutritionists, doctors, or both, so I know I am in the best hands. Fitness Nutrition is something you won’t learn at school.

Is the meal planning very restrictive or can you have a cheat meal from time to time?

This depends on each individual, as well as the category they compete in. I personally, and my husband too, work with healthy balanced diets for competition to ensure it is real body transformation with long lasting results, and not just a quick fix. There are not as many coaches like us; most people would recommend harsh dieting and going back to junk after show. I think our unique approach is what helps us to stand out.

Do you check your progress regularly? How/what do you measure?

Yes, we check our progress weekly on the same day and time, by weight measurements and pictures using Trainerize.

Workout plan of a professional fitness athlete

What is the most difficult part for you? Do you have any physical and emotional challenges, and how you overcome them?

I definitely don’t when I compete. I feel focus, energy, and excitement about my goal. But some newbies can feel a little emotional because of the discipline and less sugar in their diet. You know, everything can be overcome, it just takes some time.

What would you recommend to people willing to start competing?

This is a very important question! I always recommend to people start training/personal training first to get used to having some discipline, and especially if it’s new for them. Once they get used to it, then it is time to think about the next step. I highly recommend you book a consultation with me if you’re thinking to compete so we can go over your goals or body needs. 🙂

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