Trainer Spotlight: Ariana Fotinakis Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching

For some, a career as a fitness professional is a life-long dream, while others stumble into the role through personal experiences with fitness that spark joy and inspiration. For Trainerize Trainer, Ariana Fotinakis, it was the latter.

After reclaiming her sobriety, Ariana used fitness as a way to reconnect with her body and find her confidence again, and in the process discovered a passion for coaching and a desire to help others.

Ariana has been using Trainerize almost since the launch of her fitness business and says that the platform has grown with her, allowing her figure out what she wanted her business to be and what services she wanted to offer, while also helping to give her clients what they need to achieve their full potential.

“I would say, most of what I do is life coaching. I realized that the people who were coming to work with me didn’t need more workouts; they didn’t need recipes.

There was a reason why they weren’t taking action on the information that they had, and so learning how to help them work through those stumbling blocks and through those beliefs that they have about what is possible for them or what they’re capable of has been really, really important.

That’s why personal trainers exist.”

We caught up with Ariana to chat about how she’s built her business, how Trainerize has helped, and where she sees herself going next.

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