Trainer Spotlight: Michelle Roots of Core Conditioning

"As a trainer, when you're first starting out, really you're trading time for money. But now [with online training] I would say it gives me more freedom to the point where I don't have to be in the gym 12 hours a day!"

There are thousands of trainers on the Trainerize platform today but there is one trainer among them who has been around since day one and who has been using Trainerize for nearly a decade to grow her online business alongside her brick and mortar fitness studio.

Michelle Roots started online training when Trainerize was just “a little app called Gym Technik” and throughout her career, she has become an expert in the online training space.

We wanted to know how she’s managed to build such a successful fitness brand both online and in-person and caught up with her recently to ask what advice she might have for new trainers starting out in the online fitness space.

We talked about everything from her journey creating a brand from scratch (on a literal napkin) to actionable techniques you can use to make the most money personal training in the least time!

As an energetic, entrepreneur (turned mompreneur), we’re delighted to have Michelle Roots as this month’s TZ Trainer Spotlight!

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