How Trainerize Helped South Austin Gym Weather the Pandemic and Prep for Growth

2020 is a year of change for the world of fitness. Yes, this “era of uncertainty” comes with a hefty dose of stress and intimidation, but it’s also presenting fitness businesses like South Austin Gym with a massive opportunity: an opportunity to establish new revenue streams, shift consumer expectations, and increase engagement and accountability.

Now more than ever, fitness entrepreneurs can truly make a difference beyond the walls of their gyms—if, that is, they’ve got the right tools.

Whether fitness businesses are moving online for the first time or using digital tools to strengthen community and relationships—the pandemic is encouraging gyms, clubs, and trainers to get online and exceed their goals.

Exhibit A: South Austin Gym. The Texas club chose Trainerize to lead their pivot to online training, and levelled up their business, relationships, and processes in a big way.

Here are six ways Trainerize is impacting South Austin Gym—and how they and their members are benefitting from the software.

1. Build community & engagement (both online and off)

Even before he adopted Trainerize, South Austin Gym CEO Randy Palmer was looking for a way to engage gym members beyond the walls of his club. He wanted to extend the close bond between members and trainers beyond their physical location. Then, when the time came to shift online, it became clear that Trainerize was the right tool.

“We decided to partner with Trainerize for a number of reasons,” says Palmer. “After viewing other companies, we found their tool to be the most intuitive and effective for our clients.”

He also noticed that his fitness community grew stronger online. Everything that changed for his clients’ fitness journeys was for the better, especially in the context of the global pandemic.

“Other club owners should know that by using this platform in your club through and through, you create community. This was important to us and will be indispensable during and after the pandemic.”

2. Implement quickly and adopt easily

For Palmer, adopting a digital tool had to be easy, both for trainers and members.

“Trainerize software is versatile, but creates the least amount of difficulty for end users,” Palmer discovered. “There are a lot of people who are not tech-savvy and also need help getting motivated.”

His team also picked up the app with no difficulty, and could instantly see results of letting tech complement their training efforts. “Trainerize has so many intuitive options, it literally makes my trainers feel and seem omniscient in their communication and problem-solving ability.”

“[Trainerize] literally makes my trainers feel and seem omniscient” – South Austin Gym CEO Randy Palmer

3. Put client devices to work

When it comes to personal training, clients want access to their trainers. For Palmer, he summarizes this as a desire for easy communication. “One of the main things clients crave is control. And more so, personal attention.”

“The Trainerize platform does all of these things in the best possible way and in the best medium: the smartphone. Our clients literally carry us with them everywhere they go.”

With centralized information and dual access points—both trainer and members—an online platform actually improves access and communication. This was Palmer’s case with Trainerize.

“The software allows communication and consistency of programs, but without the same amount of time it would take using multiple platforms. Not to mention the bottlenecks those can create.”

4. Answer 2020’s call for online fitness

As fitness businesses continue to weather the impacts of physical distancing requirements and subsequent waves and spikes in COVID-19 cases, the need for a consistent, flexible business presence only increases with time. It’s not just about responding to the day-to-day, but to the month-to-month too.

“Through all of the closures with COVID-19,” says Palmer, “Trainerize has helped us keep our members on track. When gyms shut down, both fitness professionals and members were left in the lurch, but as soon as we pivoted online we knew we had a clear path forward and a way to keep our members with us.”

Palmer’s members clearly see the benefit of online training—our data shows South Austin Gym’s clients are averaging more than 2 workouts each week, and the gym is seeing more and more member sessions each week in the app. Plus, Palmer appreciates the quality control of the app.

We can give our members a great virtual experience and then when they recommend us to a friend, we can repeat the process quickly and easily. This is invaluable.”

5. Enjoy flexibility for in-the-moment pivots

Partnering with another organization can be a little scary—especially when navigating such massive changes. Just how a great coach will always help a team succeed, we’re always there to support our users. Palmer felt the love.

south austin gym trainerize 2

“Since we have started working with Trainerize, they have been able to change and upgrade to meet our needs. The ability to adapt is the name of the game right now. I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly they could create what we needed!”

Times are changing fast—let’s create solutions together.

6. Expand from local to global

Shifting online has allowed South Austin Gym to retain and engage its current members, and it’s also helping them reach new members too.

Palmer says that expanding beyond geographical limitations was an unexpected benefit of adopting Trainerize, particularly touting the growth potential and ability to scale beyond our one physical location as a huge win.

“We can reach clients anywhere in the world. Instead of being just a local business, with Trainerize, we’re a global brand. That means helping more people reach their goals and get access to our team of trainers.”

All in all, the story of how South Austin Gym weathered the pandemic with Trainerize confirms that great success stories are here to stay. Our goal at Trainerize is to help fitness enthusiasts find theirs.

So, if you want to pivot your fitness business online, why not give it a try? If what you want is to be an entrepreneur, you already know it’s just a matter of training to get there.

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