Training the Trainer: How Trainerize Elevated My Fitness Business and My Self

Get insights on how Ruvi Makuni successfully runs her online personal training business Fit Active Toned (F.A.T.) through Trainerize and the steps she took to become the professional she wanted to be.

Ruvi Makuni runs her business Fit Active Toned (F.A.T.) through ABC Trainerize. In this free download, she talks about how online training brings her many professional and personal benefits.

Makuni was burning out from driving to her in-person clients and packing her days full of commitments. She didn’t consider herself tech-savvy, so she had never considered an online training platform before, but she was struggling to live her life well and knew she had to change something.

She started to explore ABC Trainerize, develop her business plan, and set a client target goal.

Then, she was ready to find clients. To start, she put herself through a personal training program to test the system, gain confidence in her programs, and clarify exactly how she could help clients online. Then, she prioritized finding some free trials.

  • She reached out to a few acquaintances that are in her ideal target market.
  • She reached out to small business owners in related fields.
  • She partnered with an organization close to her heart.

Then, she planned for success! If you’re just getting starting, learn more from Makuni’s story.

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