Up and Adam: How a Taco-Loving Trainer Is Helping His Clients Stay Active While Staying Home

Adam Meadows, owner of Up & Adam Coaching, has been providing his services online for well over a year. He is passionate about creating a powerful community built around killer workouts, healthy habits, and a love for food!

Adam chose ABC Trainerize’s Studio plan, specifically designed to help brick and mortar businesses shift online, support their member needs, grow revenue, and increase business resilience. “It was the perfect time to go online (with the pandemic). I thought ‘okay, I’m just going to dive into this headfirst and make this happen’.”

To help his busy clients find time for fitness, Adam offers both in-person and virtual training sessions. Our all-new video features—on-demand video workouts and live 1-on-1 video call appointments—have really helped Adam make the transition to this Hybrid training model! He uses ABC Trainerize to touch base and track clients’ progress, as well as collect payments.

Another feature that drew Adam to ABC Trainerize was when he learned that he could create a custom branded app that would be searchable in the App store…

“I tend to be somebody that when I do something, I want it to be very professional. ABC Trainerize is really smooth, it’s professional, and it offers a great user experience!”

Learn more about how Adam leveraged his ABC Trainerize Studio plan to take his business to the next level!

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