Up and Adam: How a Taco-Loving Trainer Is Helping His Clients Stay Active While Staying Home

If there was ever a time to make the shift to online training, 2020 was it. Case in point: Adam Meadows, owner of Up and Adam Coaching.

Adam has been providing his services online for well over a year. He is passionate about creating a powerful community built around killer workouts, healthy habits, and a love for food! “I’m not the guy who’s telling you to drink green juice and limit your carbs…my ultimate goal is to help people ditch that overwhelmed feeling and simplify their approach to nutrition and fitness.”

After perusing his website (and learning of his love for donuts), we couldn’t wait to chat with Adam to learn more about his approach to fitness, and to find out how Trainerize has helped him build his brand, expand his services and engage his clients.

Stay True to You—Especially if You Happen to Be Awesome

Adam’s a big believer in balance, and encourages his clients to make sustainable changes in their pursuit of health. “You don’t have to get crazy and nutty about health and fitness. And it doesn’t have to overtake your life in order for you to make progress. All foods have their place, and it’s okay if you like certain things. We can figure out strategies and techniques to be able to make progress without being super-restrictive.”

Up and Adam Coaching is based on sustainable training, and Adam markets his products to the average individual. “That’s really who I’m going after—the everyday person who’s living life with a crazy schedule. The fact is that everybody has ups and downs, and I’m trying to reach those individuals to show them—regardless of what’s going on in their life—that it’s possible to maintain healthy habits.”

To help his busy clients find time for fitness, Adam offers both in-person and virtual training sessions. Although Adam has primarily been using Zoom and FaceTime when virtually training clients, our all-new video features—on-demand video workouts and live 1-on-1 video call appointments—are new options for him too! He uses Trainerize to touch base and track clients’ progress, as well as collect payment.

In addition to his one-on-one training, Adam recently launched a monthly subscription program called monthlyME. The program, which is competitively priced at just $24/month, includes new workouts every four weeks, in-depth coaching videos, and live Zoom workouts (not to mention the support of a funny, food-loving, bearded coach).

A key aspect of the monthlyME program is the focus on a rotating habit or practice, such as maintaining a gratitude journal. After launching the program, Adam quickly learned that his clients were eager to share their tips and success stories, and craved connection. To help foster that sense of community, Adam opened his weekly virtual workouts to a wider range of clients. “Being able to offer that community aspect is really huge. It’s helped bridge that gap between my one-on-one clients, my nutrition clients, and my monthlyME clients. Now everybody’s getting to be a part of one community. They may be participating at different levels, but they’re all getting to be a part of the same thing.”

In the age of social-distancing, the ability to socialize (even virtually) is more important than ever. Adam has found that “nothing sustains consistent progress better than belonging to a powerful community.”

Find a Plan That’s Juuuust Right

When Adam first started out in the fitness industry, he tested out several online platforms. Reflecting on his experience running a 21-day challenge on another fitness app, Adam recalls that “the main feedback I got was that it just wasn’t super clean, it didn’t seem very intuitive, and the user experience suffered.”

Luckily, Adam kept at it and found his way to Trainerize shortly before the pandemic. “I was fortunate that when COVID hit, I had already been offering most of my services online…so I was better prepared than most.”

Adam chose Trainerize’s Studio plan, specifically designed to help brick and mortar businesses shift online, support their member needs, grow revenue, and increase business resilience. “It was the perfect time to go online. I thought ‘okay, I’m just going to dive into this headfirst and make this happen’.”

Another feature that drew Adam to Trainerize was when he learned that he could create a custom branded app that would be searchable in the App store. “I tend to be somebody that when I do something, I want it to be very professional. [Trainerize] is really smooth, it’s professional, and it offers a great user experience.”

Soothe Your Stress

2020 has been a stressful year for all of us. Between the seemingly all-negative news cycle and attempting to adjust to our new normal, we’ve all got plenty on our plate. As a result, some of us may be turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms, like bingeing eight seasons of The Office in one sitting, or treating ourselves to tacos three (or four) times a week.

While Adam is a consummate believer in Taco Tuesdays. He wants his clients to see their progress, and knows that nutrition is key. These days, he has plenty on his plate trying to help his clients maintain their healthy habits. Busy fitness professionals like Adam don’t need the added stress of personally managing individual clients’ payments.

Enter Trainerize Pay. Thanks to this Trainerize feature, Adam no longer needs to personally invoice each client for their sessions. Trainerize Pay allows Adam to act as a “trainer on retainer”, setting one fee for three weekly sessions, which are consistently billed to his clients through automatic invoices. “It has been really consistent and seamless, and just a huge time-saver. That stress reduction for me has been really powerful”. Thanks to Trainerize, Adam is able to spend more time on what matters—connecting with clients and cultivating a community.

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