How Using Trainerize Enabled Gym Class Athletics to Increase their Number of Clients

Featuring Stephen White, Personal Trainer and Founder of Gym Class Athletics

Stephen White, Founder of Gym Class Athletics, is a 28-year old Personal Trainer and Coach with over 7 years’ experience in training others, and an additional decade of experience in training himself. Stephen has established training systems to produce exceptional results time and again.

We interviewed Stephen about his experience using Trainerize and how it has helped increase the number of clients he trains.

Tell Us About What You Do

Gym Class Athletics was founded to fulfill a gap in the personal training industry. As a trainer at a big box gym for over 6 years, I encountered individuals with a wide variety of wants and needs. The one thing that he would hear often that stuck with him was this “I’ve been training for years, I am able bodied and motivated, I just want you to make me a program.”

Noticing how often this occurred I began to think, maybe there are individuals in the gym with the motivation to get started, but are lacking the knowledge required to develop a program that will produce the results they are after. With this being a skill I have worked to develop into one of my strengths, I saw the opportunity to help more individuals achieve success.

Trainerize has allowed me to keep online clients accountable while delivering information that rivals that of one-on-one personal training.

One of Stephen’s clients at Gym Class Athletics

Once I had made the decision to start Gym Class Athletics, the question became, how do I deliver programming in a way that is clearly understood, easy to follow, and allows me to track client consistency and progress? Trainerize was the clearly the answer. Trainerize has allowed me to keep online clients accountable while delivering information that rivals that of one-on-one personal training. Being able to track overall training volume, display personal bests, and generate reports that display clearly the progress being made each week keeps clients motivated, and Gym Class Athletics clients have been experiencing exceptional results. Clients are developing the self-reliance needed to not only get fit, but stay fit at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one.

We also provide calorie and macronutrient guidelines to compliment your training program which we monitor through the use of MyFitnessPal, another fitness application that conveniently syncs with Trainerize!

How do you manage, charge, train, and communicate with clients through Trainerize?

Upon signing up with Gym Class Athletics you are assigned a trainer, at which point you will be prompted to download the Trainerize app where within you will find a message from your trainer waiting for you. We work with our clients closely to get them familiar with the use of Trainerize. At this point, you will work with your trainer to establish a training goal, uncover the necessary habits required to accomplish this goal and then the metrics you will use to measure results. Next, clients will upload progress photos so their trainer may evaluate posture and body composition, important factors when designing an exercise program. With this information the trainer will begin the program design. At any point during the training, clients may contact their trainer through the use of the Trainerize messaging feature to discuss any questions they may have.

Programming is delivered monthly upon receiving payment, which is made through PayPal and is set up as a monthly subscription which can be canceled at any time. We offer training and macronutrient coaching through Trainerize at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one personal training.

Trainerize Client - Gym Class Athletics
Using the Trainerize app

What results have you seen with Trainerize?

Within the first month of launching Gym Class Athletics, I had 12 clients and that number has continued to climb significantly, increasing my income, as well as my quality of life, as I am able to work from home or on the road.

What do you and your clients think of Trainerize?

I love the ability to sync videos to each and every exercise I prescribe, it allows me to feel confident that my clients are receiving sound instruction. Also, the ability to easily access and compare my client’s workout makes tracking progress and measuring results

Trainerize client - Gym Class AthleticsA Before and After of one of Stephen’s clients.

My clients love the ability to communicate with their trainer as quickly and effortlessly as Trainerize allows them to. I have received nothing but positive feedback about the use of this Trainerize software.

If you are looking for gym software to increase the amount of value you deliver your current clients or are looking to expand your customer base then Trainerize is the answer you are looking for.

What Advice Would You Give Other Trainers Who Want to Grow Their Business with Online Training?

I suggest doing an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as a trainer and business person. Identify your passion and design the mission of your business in a way that leverages your strengths and delivers value to the client, this is how you will succeed.

My passion is helping others take control of their health through strength training, building their confidence by improving their body composition. This passion pushes me to consistently improve on my skill sets and find ways to add more value with every program I deliver. Once you have established the business mission, you will want to refine your marketing approach.

Facebook advertising has worked well for generating traffic to the Gym Class Athletics website. Once I discovered this, I began to experiment with different copy and imagery on the site to increase the conversion rate until I was happy with the results; at which point I then ramped up the advertising and benefited from the increased business!


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