How Using Trainerize Enabled Gym Class Athletics to Increase their Number of Clients

Featuring Stephen White, Personal Trainer and Founder of Gym Class Athletics

Stephen White, Founder of Gym Class Athletics, is a 28-year old Personal Trainer and Coach with over 7 years’ experience in training others, and an additional decade of experience in training himself. Stephen has established training systems to produce exceptional results time and again.

Gym Class Athletics was founded to fulfill a gap in the personal training industry. As a trainer at a big box gym for over 6 years, White encountered individuals with a wide variety of wants and needs. The one thing that he would hear often that stuck with him was this “I’ve been training for years, I am able bodied and motivated, I just want you to make me a program.”

White saw the opportunity to help more individuals achieve success.

Once he had made the decision to start Gym Class Athletics, the question became, “What’s the best way to deliver programming that is clearly understood, easy to follow, and allows me to track client consistency and progress?” Trainerize was the clearly the answer.

Trainerize has allowed White to keep online clients accountable while delivering information that rivals that of one-on-one personal training. Being able to track overall training volume, display personal bests, and generate reports that display clearly the progress being made each week keeps clients motivated, and Gym Class Athletics clients have been experiencing exceptional results. Clients are developing the self-reliance needed to not only get fit, but stay fit at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one.

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