Feature SpotlightProduct and Company Trainerize Features I Love: Easy Auto-Messages, Payments and Notifications

Trainerize Features I Love: Easy Auto-Messages, Payments and Notifications

Features I Love is a blog series where trainers share their favorite Trainerize features—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As a full-time online trainer, I’ve been using Trainerize for over two years. I have seen first-hand the incredible benefits of the platform’s features, and the impact they have had on my business, my efficiency and my overall work-life balance.

I’d like to share the love by telling you about my favourite features available through Trainerize, that I’m sure can help you develop a smooth, professional fitness business, and increase your revenue.

Automated Messages

Being able to create messages and schedule them in clients’ calendars has been an incredible tool when it comes to increasing client accountability and compliance. Automated messages allow me to reach clients in any country, and any time zone to remind them of their workouts, to keep them accountable in logging their meals and to motivate them at the beginning of the week to get out there and crush their goals.

Let’s face it: these are crazy times, and we all need a little extra push to keep working toward our goals. Help your clients keep moving forward by utilizing automated messages in your training programs.

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When I first looked into switching my business into a fully online model, I was concerned about how I would manage invoicing and payment tracking. With Trainerize and it’s payments feature, I can rest assured that not only do I have an effective method to process clients’ payment information and recurring payments, but I’m also able to automatically invoice them, process refunds, offer discount codes and much more.

When it comes to tax season, this tool has also helped me stay organized and ready for filing in a more timely and less stressful manner. With a little planning, preparation, and the help of Trainerize, you can set yourself up for an effortless tax season, and stay focused on what’s most important—your clients.


The notifications panel is a tool that I use every single day to quickly and effectively check in with clients who have completed workouts, logged food entries or tracked stats. This is my central hub when it comes to getting a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening in my business on a regular basis. This tool is super-important to me because it allows for easy and timely interaction with clients through comments in specific workouts, and provides important information about body stats tracking and overall compliance.

As personal trainers, we know the importance of taking a holistic approach, which is exactly what the notifications panel allows for.

Choosing my three favorite features in Trainerize was a difficult task, and before I wrap up, I wanted to highlight some other incredible features that this platform offers. Things like easy drag and drop programming, customized workout videos through YouTube, third-party application integrations and the ability to have a branded app are just a few more features that make Trainerize such a fantastic tool for me as an online trainer.

These features have allowed me to scale my business, service clients in many countries and created a more organized and cohesive workflow when it comes to client management, programming and financial tracking. Even after using Trainerize for several years, I continue to find new little tricks, tools and features that help me optimize the way I operate my business, and I love the fact that there is a platform like this for fitness professionals like me.

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